Saturday, March 17

515a-2 fr eggs, s chicken sausage, sl egg bake, oz pork roast, 2c reg, T coconut creamer, supps
7a-1.5c reg
1015a-s tilapia, sl egg bake, oz almonds, 2 cans diet cherry Pepsi, supps
245p-2 sl egg bake, 2oz almonds, can diet Coke, supps
7p(Doolittle's)-tenderloin skewer, cobb salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, bunch of diet Pepsi
830p-turkey jerky, supps

Pulls: 9, 7, 8 - FUCK YEAH. That's a hell of a change for at-home numbers, AND it's even a step up from NSS numbers! (Of course, there's substantially more rest between these sets than at a training session.)

Weight: 137.0 lbs , 22.9% fat - up.8 lbs from yesterday, up 1.8 lbs from a week ago. Assuming this is due to carbs at supper last night.

Sleep: In bed 8 hours. Took a bit to fall asleep, and then I was wide awake at 4am; kept trying to fall back until I just got up at 5. Feeling pretty good, but expected to hit a wall mid-afternoon, so I kinda loaded up on caffeine.

Rehab: Shin is another very small step up from yesterday. Sad. Expecting no run tomorrow, and honestly don't think there will even be walking. And my quads can't handle extensive biking yet either. SUPER SAD. PT in am. Sitting all day at tax firm. Iced it & took 2 Advil at 6pm.

Habit: Every time that I looked down and saw my belly today, I immediately fixed my posture so I couldn't see it. That was fairly easy, but I did have to combat the urge to laser in on it when in front of a mirror.

Misc: Today was an up & down day. The awesome pull-up session started me off great, but I was mentally unprepared for a few things that made me green with jealousy (appropriate for the day): incredible weather outside, incredible transformation results for my besties, and running talk all over Facebook - even from people who don't really enjoy running! Gah. Tried to cheer myself up with thoughts about the green I was making by working a 10-hour day, was just not quite enough. I swear to fucking Zeus that I would give up every tax season's income to stop having injuries. So demoralizing. (But yes, I know that's totally unrealistic.)

After the tax firm, I went and bought a ton of yumminess at the meat locker (turkey jerky! beef bacon! smoked chicken breasts! gluten-free sausage!) and went out to supper with my husband at Doolittle's. He had steak, and I ate a delicious bite of it, but I would not have traded my salad for it. Best salad ever, anywhere. I even watched the hubster eat a brownie & ice cream dessert without feeling too deprived. It smelled freaking amazing, but I made up for it with my own dessert when I got home: turkey jerky!

Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.
-Anne Wilson Schaef

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