Recipe: PB&J Crepes

c egg whites
scoop flavored protein powder (I used chocolate)
.5c almond milk
big ol' dash cinnamon
stevia to taste

Blend up and make yourself some crepes - I got 5 decent-sized crepes from this mix, which tally up to about 300 calories of almost pure protein.


You can top w/ SF syrup (about 25 cal) and devour just as they are. Delicious, but they won't be PB&J Crepes!

So do this:

When crepe #1 is done, spread on .5T jelly. Top w/ next crepe, and spread .5T nut butter on that one. Top w/ next crepe and repeat until your last crepe! So nommy that you won't require any syrup. Full-calorie PB&J, this will add about 150 more calories.

Keep the calories low by using sugar-free jelly (10 cal per T) and calorie-free whipped peanut spread (I've talked about this stuff before - it's no good as pure PB, but if you're mixing it into something else, it's "close enough" to satisfy.) This would make your whole stack only about 320 calories, again almost pure protein...but tastes like pure carbs!!

OR try this (then let me know how it turns out!):

Top your crepes with fresh berries and drizzle with some liquid-y PB2. Maybe another 100 calories?

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