Read This: Matt Marshall

Make Tiny Jumps for Big Gains
Instead of adding 5 or 10 lbs to the bar he would add just 1-2lbs to the bar for his next session. 246 lbs feels exactly the same as 245lbs, so his confidence is high and he’s once again able to complete all the required reps.
So once again he adds a pound to the bar for the next session, and once again he’s able to complete all his reps.
He continues in this method, slowly and methodically, week after week and before you know it he’s added 50lbs to his bench press. 50Lbs added to your bench press will result in bigger and more muscular arms, shoulders and chest muscles. It’s safe to say that most modern day gym goers will NEVER add 50lbs to their bench press over the entire course of their training careers.
Because they’re looking for quick gains. Big jumps. It’s greed, plain and simple.

I'm sharing this post here because I after I read it, I went back re-read it in terms of nutrition, and the same principle applies there as well.

Sometimes big dramatic efforts will pay off: 6-week transformations do work; fasting does work; cutting out all carbs does work . . . but sometimes your brain is simply not strong enough to tackle a giant challenge like this, and you try & fail and try & fail until you give up and walk away.

Well, don't give up.  EVER.

Maybe you need to use the washer method instead. Make a small change, and make it consistently. Once that becomes an easy & mindless habit, your new normal, then make another change.

Ideas: make a healthier breakfast; cut out that second can of pop; stop buying ice cream; add an apple per day; substitute a salad for your usual burger at the fast food joint; add a 20-minute walk to your day; you know where your biggest problems lie.

But don't attempt to tackle them all at once. Just identify ONE THING you can do, and start small. Make it easy, maybe so damn easy that it's almost embarrassing. Who cares? If it's a change in the right direction, and you know you can do it, then go for it.

You will build momentum & confidence in your ability to stick to your changes by achieving these little victories on a regular basis. And in time, this will add up to changes in your body composition.

It won't be fast, it won't be dramatic, but it will happen.


  1. Instead of eating the whole bag of oreo's. Leave one in there!

  2. Okay, maybe it should be a SLIGHTLY larger effort than that.

    Smart ass.