Monday, March 19

445a-fr egg, smoked chicken carcass-pickings, 3oz smoked ham, c reg, supps
6a-c reg w/ T coconut creamer
630a-taught class
745a-Americano w/ SF syrup
915a-2 caramel pecan bars, sm apple, oz pecans, 1.5c decaf w/ stevia, supps
1030a-half hour warmup/PT/run-specific warmup, then 1.25m run
245p-oz pecans, s tilapia, supps
745p-two smoked chicken carcass-pickings, 5-ish SP/pork wraps, med apple, supps

Pulls: 6, 7, 7, 5 - 1st set was surprisingly hard today, but let me see how many YOU can do at 430am. 2 & 3 looked solid. On 4 I confess I was just getting to my total of 25. What a lazy ass.

Weight: 140.8 lbs, 23.7% fat - up 4.2 lbs from yesterday, up 4 from a week ago. BUT, I forgot to weigh in until after breakfast, and carbs were up yesterday with those sweet potato pork wraps, so there was no freaking out this time.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed. Woke several times in morning: Oscar was moving around a lot, blaming lack of husband. Pumping season has already started, unbelievably. Felt okay but not fully rested, really.

3-hour nap in afternoon.

Rehab: PT during class, along with mobility-type moves. Sitting at desk, not standing, all morning; stood in a'noon because my ass was hurting! Second round of warmups, PT, warmups before run experiment. Iced half hour when finished. Pain while walking was lessened rest of day...!!

Habit: I have to remind myself pretty firmly when I look in the mirror, but it's working.

Misc: Got rather tired in afternoon. Usually this is due to low cals, but today was decidedly not. Unsure what up wit' dat. Went home early (4pm!) with fingers crossed that the rain would shut down pumping so I could hang with the hubster.

Yay: Immediately took a nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours! Wow, guess I needed it.

Boo: rain did shut down pumping, but Hop went to bed 5 minutes after I got up. Damn.


Stress and sleep have no calories and you can't eat them yet they dramatically impact how much you eat, what you choose to eat and how often you eat. Focusing on only diet and exercise for body change is like driving a car with a brake and a gas peddle but no steering wheel. You may be able to go fast for a few minutes but you will quickly crash and have to start over again. Stop playing the weight loss game. It does not work for long term body change. Learn to manage all the influences over your metabolism to control hunger, balance energy, reduce cravings and burn fat over the long run.
-Metabolic Effect

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