Monday, March 12

5a-egg whites w/ 1.5sl bacon, sl GF toast, sm apple, c reg, supps
530a-can diet cherry Pepsi
6a-c reg w/ stevia
630a-taught class
930a-tilapa & onions, apple, supps
1030a-full hour of recovery work
130p-tilapa & onions, sm banana, oz almonds, supps
4p-decaf Americano w/ SF syrup
630p-egg white & 1.5sl bacon w/ honey mustard on GF bagel, 4oz pork roast, sm apple, c decaf, supps

-AFB pulls, am: 4x2
-AFB pulls, pm: 4x3
-Typical long-run aches/pains/stiffness plus: very tight left Achilles, especially at the very bottom close to my heel; and lateral right knee pain exactly as if I'd run through pain yesterday. Weird. Comes through at random times, such as when I stand on tiptoe, move leg to the side, roll ankle inward. Back also more sensitive than normal, giving a little twinge of anger at abrupt & unpretty twists/turns. All improves as I keep moving, but returns after I am stationary for a while, either sitting or standing.

Weight: 136.8, 23.1% fat - up 2.4lbs from yesterday (there's the long-run freakout!) and down .2 from a week ago.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Woke often, right knee hurting when I'd flip over. Got up feeling fairly rested but tired as the day went on, went to bed nice & early.

Habit:Yes! During my hour-long session of recovery work with my mobilibuddy Joy. Going to be a regular Monday thing, I suspect.

Misc: I committed to be the LAPW Treasurer starting in July! Gulp. Naw, it should be fun, and doesn't sound like too big of a commitment to manage. Of course, first they have to approve & pick me, should anyone else be interested into doing it. But who doesn't love me, right? (Zip it, I could use an ego boost.)

What you WILL do is what matters, not what you CAN do.
-Stephen Covey

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