Friday, March 16

530a-fr egg, 1.5sl bacon, honey mustard, 2 sl GF toast, grapefruit, c reg, supps
7a-c reg w/ 2T coconut creamer
815a-Americano w/ SF syrup
945a-s tilapia & onions, oz almonds, sm apple, supps
1130a-oz almonds (felt sick and had to eat something...blaming the tower video)
3p-Larabar, sm apple, supps
530p-3.3m bike ride
7p (noshed while food prepping)-s turkey pepperoni, 10 olives, 4 carrots w/ hummus, shirataki noodles w/ tomato sauce, pint strawberries, s chicken sausage, slice pizza egg bake, supps

AM pulls-6, 6, 6, 7 (total of 25) - After the first set I realized something: back when I transitioned to doing WG pulls, I focused on smooth pulls only, stopping whenever it got jerky, trying to groove in better technique. Well, now I'm into more swingy pulls, supposed to be AFB (but lately I forget that), but I've still been stopping at the last smooth pull. WTF! No more of that. If I want to hit my goals, I need to learn how to dig up out of the ugly ones, so from now on I go until I'm certain the next one will be failure. And I get a total of 25 every morning.

Weight: 136.2 lbs, 20.5% fat - same as yesterday, down 1 lb from a week ago. I had zero emotion on this weigh-in. Not even an effort to remember what yesterday was, just: Okay, got it down, moving on, time for breakfast. I like that. Hope I can stay in that place.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed; turned in late, but it was fairly solid and I woke without an alarm.

Rehab: Shin almost feels the same, maybe 5% better than yesterday, grr. Iced it for half hour in the am. PT at home in morning & eve. Brought bar stool in to TS to sit all day. Did stand about 1.5 hours in eve doing chores/food prep.

Habit: My new habit is changing back to my first: stop focusing on my belly. Stop staring at it in the mirror. Stop looking downward and hating on it All. Of. The. Time. This insidious, evil little habit crept back in post-powerlifting meet, so I need to get back to ignoring it.

Misc: For the last 4 weeks, I feel like my brain has been on straight and I'm able to make smart choices consistently, and feel good about what I'm doing. Here are some details:

I've fallen into a working pattern with my diet (typical, not always, witness tonight):
Meal 1 = bacon & egg sandwich & grapefruit;
2 & 3 = (a) salad & fish & sm apple, (b) Larabar & almonds & sm apple, or (c) Sunbutter & coconut flakes & sm apple
4 = meat & almonds & apple

That's ~1500 calories for the day including supps. When I feel like I can cut something out of a meal then I will, or if I need more, I'll eat more. My average has been ~1800 for the last 4 weeks due to longer runs, but that's still a drop from averaging 2000 through all of last year.

In this 4 weeks, I've had some big ol' stressful things happen: my larger-than-life friend died; my odds of finishing Boston decreased; my odds of running all of Boston grew very, very slim; stress at TS beefed up during close; tax firm stress increased as deadlines hit and clients poured in while I had to take an entire week off; if you've been reading my rambling, you've heard my bitching & moaning, so I'll just stop there.

So, just how in the hell have I maintained proper eating habits through stress that might have driven me to the nut butter jar in days past? What has changed since 2/21?

Answer: I made sleep one of my top priorities:
-Average hours of sleep 1/1-2/20: 8
-Avg 2/21-3/16: 8.5

Yes, that's only a half hour, which may not seem like a huge difference, but the quality of sleep has been monstrously different:
-% of nights getting up for the bathroom at ~3am 1/1-2/20: 57%
-% 2/21-3/16: 13%

Ho. Lee. Shit.

-Better sleep means I have increased ability to deal with stress. Which means I sleep better.
-Better sleep also means I don't turn to food to soothe stress. Which means I sleep better.
-Better sleep also means I recover more quickly from my workouts. Which means I sleep better.

It's a happy little upward spiral, a nice change from the usual downward spiral I put myself on. Lesson learned: I need sleep. Lots of it. It doesn't fix everything automatically, but it fixes my brain and puts me in control.

Food prep: Made a bunch of protein-based food tonight (hoping I won't have time Sunday because I'll be out running!):
-pizza egg bake (egg whites, turkey pepperoni, fake cheese, tomatoes, green olives)
-chicken sausage
-tilapia, made in pan after making chicken sausage so it soaked up some of that flavor
-pork roasts in slow cooker overnight, sprinkled with TS's dry olive & herb dip mix
-bought a huge bag of brown bananas for like $1.50 at Pete's, which I peeled & sliced & froze for making banana ice cream


Yesterday's bacon picture was a nice change of pace from deep-thinking quotes, here's another one just for fun:

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