Wednesday, February 8

530a-c reg, supps
6a-almond milk latte, 2 sl egg bake
630a-equipment mania class (took it easy) (during: BCAAs)
730a-sm banana
8a-2c reg, 1 Reese's Pieces...Reese's Piece? (stole from hubster's cookie)
10a-3oz roast beef w/ 1.5 roasted greens, tiny clementine, 2c decaf, supps
12p-3.74m run w/ Lisa
115p-blueberry, teensy bit of coconut milk (a tasty sample from Joy!)
145p-oz flavored almonds, s pepita clusters, cocoa loco bar, supps
530p-yoga class
7p(restaurant)-cobb salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, 3c decaf (no supps)

-Supplement note: added Super Cortisol Support today.
-No soreness today compared to feeling pretty beatdown last Wed - no swings yesterday compared to swings last Tues. Same bit of poor sleep the prior night but was also in a much better mental state this week than last.

-No am pull ups, left elbow was a bit sketchy when doing them last night. Look at me, stopping myself without waiting to be told this by Dustin. Gold star!

Weight: 135.6 lbs, 19.8% fat - even.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed. Got to bed a bit late, so I slept in a bit (saved time by eating cold egg bake on the run). Took a while to fall asleep, and woke several times with numb hands; apparently I keep sleeping on my elbow. Woke at 4, fell back or dozed at least, until 452 (alarm set for 5). So thanks to that, I got up feeling good, but concerned this is going to beat me up soon if I don't get a good long night in!

Misc: Had a great supper out with Amy...ended up talking for about 2 hours, before realizing holy SHIT it's 830, I need to get home! Went to bed an hour late, but catching up with a good friend was so worth it.

On Saturday, Hop is leaving for Florida for two weeks. (Lucky bastard.) So he suggested we go out for ribs Friday night...yes, the man knows the way to my heart. But since he's going to be doing his usual last-minute packing, and I've actually gone out to eat a LOT lately ($$), and restaurant eating is sometimes a nerve-racking* experience due to my allergies, we came up with a better solution: ribs at home, from the locker in Villard. This will be half the price of going out, assure me that I'm not eating anything I shouldn't, and give him more time to get his stuff packed. Win win win!

*I had to google whether it was racking or wracking. Turns out there's plenty of confusion.

Small victory of the day: counting out my almonds & pepitas for meal 3, I had grabbed 2 extra pepita clusters (s=6) and started to close the bag to put away...but then I stopped, said, "No, that's more than one serving," and put those 2 back in the bag. It's a tiny thing, it's like 50 calories, it's borderline obsessive...but if you do that over and over and over, those calories can really add up fast!

Leigh Peele had a story of a client who wasn't losing weight, was tracking everything, doing everything right, but after some digging they discovered she was consuming an extra 400 calories a day in Splenda (no it's not entirely calorie-free: 1 gram = 1 packet = 4 calories), 100 calories in cooking spray, 100 calories in butter spray = 600 calories PER DAY that hadn't been accounted for. In a week, that's 1.2 lbs pound of fat!

We probably wouldn't worry about what people think of us if we knew how little they did.
-Olin Miller

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