Wednesday, February 1

5a-2 sl egg bake, 2 pieces country-style sausage, c reg, supps
6a-2oz mixed nuts, c reg
630a-equipment-mania class (new format!)
8a-green apple, s pepita clusters, oz cocoa almonds, 2c reg
11a-2oz flavored almonds
1215p-3.71m run w/ Lisa
230p-s bay scallops, toasted paleo waffle dipped into T maple syrup, oz flavored almonds, 2c sugar plum spice decaf tea
345p-2c sugar plum spice decaf tea
730p-grilled chicken salad w/ honey mustard dressing, 2c decaf (no eve supps)

-Feet got really puffy post-run, noticed at 330 or so. No visible tendons! No pain, though.
-Chinups, am: 6x4

Weight: 137.2 lbs, 20.0% fat - meh. I am seriously debating taking on Leigh Peele's "Screw the Scales" challenge, because this number did not help my poor mood. (See Sleep...)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed. Got to bed late at 930p (funny, I know, but YES this is late!), woke at 215a for bathroom and was wide awake and trying to figure out why I woke up. Stupid brain! Woke again at 4, fell back, and alarm woke me at 445. Felt very drained physically and mentally.

Misc: Initially: cranky and tired. Class felt awesome, but I was already re-drained by the time I got to working, so I decided to eat something, and I went way overboard. Damn nuts! Ugh!! How do I go from feeling SO GOOD to feeling so low? Sleep. Always sleep! However, by 10am or so, I was feeling pretty evenly-keeled again. I thank nutrition & funny coworkers. The run with Lisa was also quite good for the brain. I was again tired & sore going into yoga, but it felt good. I then tried to nap a half hour in my car before the Ragnar meeting but couldn't. Meeting was good mentally but kept me up until 930p again.

Also, random, somewhere between "rather annoying" and "totally insulting" - Hop sent me a text last night telling me how to turn on my fog lights. (a) I've had Pepe for 2.5 years, and (b) I'm quite confident I could figure that out for a car I wasn't familiar with. Had he been there when I read it, I might have slapped him. Nice that he cares, I guess, but seriously, do I come off as that fucking stupid?! To my own husband?


I have goals. I will reach them. The end. Fuck the rest.

-Amy Subrt

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