Tuesday, February 7

515a-2 fr eggs, 2.5 sl bacon, sl eggy bread, c reg, supps
615a-almond milk latte
645a-2c reg w/ stevia, 2 almonds, 1 pepita cluster
845a-2c decaf w/ stevia
930a-oz flavored almonds, s pepita clusters, 4 chocolate donut holes, supps
12p-personal training
230p-5oz tuna, s sesame crackers, cocoa loco bar, supps
630p-protein shake, oz mixed nuts, salad w/ balsamic, 3c decaf tea, .5T honey, supps

-Glutes a bit sore...SL hip thrusts, I'm guessing. Totally worth it: hello big glute muscles, goodbye pancake ass!
-DL pulls, pm: 4x4

Weight: 135.4 lbs, 21.7% fat - down 1.6 from yesterday, and down .2lbs from a week ago (so basically even).

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed. Didn't sleep too well; took forever to fall asleep thanks to the late nap, up at 1215 for b/r, woke often after that, usually due to numb hands. Annoying! Felt good despite this, because: woke up at 428 - alarm set for 430.

Misc: Have decided that while I'm not in the NSS Transformation, I can give advice and maybe even be a role model, lead by example. Emailing with Timmy this morning, I gave her a bunch of tips and found myself babbling non-stop. Focus on protein and reduce carbs, weekend food prep (salads! slow cooker! egg bake! divide out single-serving snacks!), cottage cheese, big weekend splurge meal, mid-week small splurge meal/snack, restaurant eating (chef salad, no cheese, vinaigrette on the side), I am a FONT of healthy-eating tips, most of which are buried in this blog. I decided to cobble them together into one nice long post, as they are currently all over the place!

Can you walk your talk?
-Stephen Covey

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