Tuesday, February 14

6a-fr eggs 2 chick saus, c Eggnogg'n tea w/ .5T coconut milk, supps
7a-c decaf w/ T coconut milk
730a-2c reg
10a-2oz flavored almonds, c decaf, supps
12p-personal training
1p-oz macadamia nuts, 1/4c raspberries (from my Powerbuddy!)
130p-double fried egg sandwich w/ T honey mustard, grapefruit, sm apple, few walnuts, c decaf w/ T coconut milk, supps
4p-2c diet A&W root beer (this is my big tax firm "indulgence")
5p-1.5c decaf chai tea

Higher calories before/after training, but low otherwise. Making up for yesterday's overabundance, since it would normally be a fast day. Plus, Saturday would normally be a fast-til-supper day BUT it's girls' weekend so I will be eating some delicious grub. So I'm trying to drop calories where it won't impact training or recovery. A tough call when you work out like an addict.

-Briefly had sore lower back (right side) post-training but was normal within a couple hours.
-DL pulls, eve: 3x3

Weight: 138.8, 20.5% fat - blech, come back down anytime, please!

Sleep: In bed 9 hours; took a while to fall asleep, woke at 1030 and 3 for b/r, woke naturally a bit past 5. Got up feeling pretty good!

Misc: WONDERFUL day. Very sweet teary-Sabrina-making card from Lisa. Card (featuring piglets!) & treat from Joy. Excellent training session. Massive teary-Sabrina-making hilarity on the Carolla podcast. Got to make two pals' days with good tax news. An enjoyable night at the tax firm. Having a husband at home would've been the only thing to make it better. All in all, a happy Hoppe!

Give without remembering.
Receive without forgetting.
-William Barclay

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