Thursday, February 23

615a-fr egg, 2 sl GF toast, grapefruit, c reg w/ T coconut milk, supps
715a-sm apple, 5 raspberries
8a-Americano w/ SF syrup
10a-2T Sunbutter w/ T coconut flakes, s sesame crackers
12p-personal training
2p-c asparagus w/ balsamic, rotisserie chicken (2 legs, 1 thigh, 8.7 oz), supps
530p-med apple
630p-c spaghetti squash, c beefy sauce, c raspberries, supps
745p-med apple, s PB2

-Kip-like AFB pulls, pm: 4x4

Weight: 137.6 lbs, 22.7% fat. Hm...maybe that half pan of brownies is catching up to me after all? Actually I'll blame some of this on water. I do feel pretty fat today, but obviously fat doesn't happen overnight...but water can. (Doesn't mean I didn't pack on some weight over girls' weekend, though. Stupid brownies.)

Sleep: 9 hours in bed. Crawled in about 915 with one NyQuil in my system, no alarm set. Woke once and saw my Scentsy light was on, meaning it was somewhere between 415-530, and I just flipped over and fell back asleep. Woke naturally at 615...probably could've fallen back even longer but I looked at the clock and figured I'd better get moving. There's really no way to beat that! I felt good, though head cold is still here. About equal to yesterday.

Two hour nap 230-430, which felt EXCELLENT. Should've woken up to my husband but they had a ton of issues getting home: three changed tires and a DOT stop, all just today. But he made it home at supper time!

Habit: Only 3 quarts down again, this time because I was sleeping for two hours in the afternoon.

Misc: I'm all off-schedule with the eating/fasting this week due to nursing this damn cold. I'm getting more rest and extra sleep, I'm eating at maintenance and all high quality everything, and I'm UPSET because I can't focus on fat loss right now. I am an over-achieving idiot. Why not enjoy it? Why not be happy I have an excuse to eat apples all day long? Why am I not making banana ice cream? Why not be grateful for the timing, that I have the chance to kick this thing by Long Run Day? Like I just said: I am an over-achieving idiot. I want to do it all, and I mean NOW, if not yesterday. I have come to recognize (most of the time) that I can't do it all, but that doesn't mean my brain isn't screaming that I should be able to.


Today had a very happy indulgence for me:
-SCHEDULE: Thursday afternoon/eve at tax firm, Friday morning TS work from home, Friday afternoon/eve work at tax firm.
-WRENCH: Hop came home this afternoon and, as I'm sure you can imagine, he wanted to see me, because he missed me, because I'm pretty fucking awesome. And, well, I may have missed him, too, just a little.
-SOLUTION: Canceled the tax firm for tonight. Will work there all day tomorrow so I still get my time in. Burned up four of my 130+ hours of PTO at TS.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

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