Thursday, February 2

515a-6oz grass-fed beef roast, 1.5c steamed veg, mini-Larabar, c reg, supps
615a-almond milk latte
715a-SF Americano
930a-s bay scallops, s beef liver w/ onions & mustard, bag sugar snap peas, Cocoa Loco bar, 2c decaf, supps
12p-personal training
130p-sl egg bake w/ fresh salsa, sandwich (2.5 sl bacon, tomato dressing, spinach, vegan mayo, honey mustard, GF toast), 2oz wasabi peas (which I then discovered have wheat), mini-Larabar, supps
4p-2c wild berry herbal decaf tea
6p-2 beef sticks, pint Arctic Zero, 2c decaf tea
830p-2 turkey dogs, protein Dreamsicle shake, supps

Tip: Devised a strategy to combat my addiction to the delicious flavored almonds: they have been removed from my desk. I kept one "emergency" ounce, but all of the rest are in "my" fridge drawer in the Squirrel's I can eat them if I want to, but I have to be hungry, not just snacky, to make the trip to get them.

And also, I designated today as nut-free, simply to log one full day to break free from the addiction. Effective, because I was ready to snack on 'em after I got mad about the wasabi peas. And again at the tax firm, just because they're there and so am I.

Weight: 137.8, 17.7% fat - feet are still quite puffy so there's some water retention going on, not sure why. Dustin's prescription: more sleep, back off on workouts. I was going to run Friday at noon with Lisa & enjoy some extra sunshine, but instead I'll be smart (god damn, that's hard) and log two full rest days before the Sunday run.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, but a whole different story from yesterday. Woke a time or two but fell back quickly, did not need to get up. Woke naturally just before 5 (alarm set for 530) so I felt pretty well rested. And not cranky!

Misc: I researched cashews for a couple minutes today, as it appears my body is not actually digesting them. ('nuff said, right?) And I learned something surprising: cashews are not nuts, they're seeds! Who knew?

NSS is doing a 6-week transformation challenge. Every single day since I read it, I've had to talk myself out of it. I can not add any more stress to my life right now. But I want to transform! Today Dustin said something I really need to record here for future reminders: "This might be the only time you run the Boston Marathon. This won't be the only time you have six weeks to lose fat." Wise man.

We also discussed choice breakfast destinations in Alexandria, and thus corned beef hash, and I'll be god damned if I don't have a massive craving for it now. THANKS A LOT DUSTIN.

What would it be like if we lived our lives as works of art in progress? If each breath & each action were part of an unfolding masterpiece? If we saw the shadows & the light areas as part of the composition? Accepted it all? Found joy in the beauty of it?
-Stephen Covey

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