Thursday, February 16

530a-2 fr eggs on GF dark toast* w/ honey mustard, sm apple, c decaf w/ T coconut milk, supps
630a-c Eggnogg'n tea
715a-Americano w/ SF syrup (thanks, Lisa!)
930a-.5c BBQ pulled pork, c steamed veg, sm apple, sl GF bread w/ 2T Sunbutter, supps
12p-personal training
1p-can diet cherry coke
130p-double fr egg sandwich w/ honey mustard & vegannaise, grapefruit, pork rinds, c decaf w/ T coconut milk, supps
4p-2c diet A&W
7p-c decaf red tea, supps

*OMG: gluten- and dairy-free dark bread that tastes like NORMAL BREAD and, even better, it's made in Fargo!

No supper. Easy.

-Body feels good, brain feels good! Stood at tax firm, 6 hours. (I left at 9pm and there were still 3 people there. That's crazy talk.)
-DL pulls, pm: 4x3

Weight: 135.8 lbs, 19.0% fat - back to normalcy.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed. Up for b/r, didn't look at clock, guessing 230/3. Woke at 4 but fell back for one last sleep cycle. Got up feeling good!

Habit: easy to get a gallon in, though I made sure to finish it up at the tax firm, not wanting to down a bunch before bed.

Misc: Had to write up my annual self-review today. I have such a tendency to keep pointing out my failures. WHY IS THIS? I literally had to save for last the question, "What was your greatest victory at TS during the past year?" because I just started at it blankly the first time. I couldn't think of a fucking thing. It's not that I sucked, I actually had listed a lot of great things in the previous questions, but at that point in the review, all I could see was my rotten shitty childish "poor me" attitude from the moment Lisa told me she was expecting, and how my entire life went downhill from there.

And from a personal point of view I look at 2011 and my first thought is that it sucked because I failed in so many ways. But didn't I also win a 5k and a 10k and run a trail 25k and a trail 50k and hit my 10 pull-ups goal and become a Group Fitness Instructor and sign up for a powerlifting meet and register for Boston and run 800 miles? So why can't ANY ONE of those incredible achievements be what comes to mind first about 2011, rather than "I gained 13 lbs" or "I DNFd at Fargo" or what-the-fuck-ever?

Ugh. Stupid over-achiever brain.


Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
-Dale Carnegie

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