Sunday, February 19

730a-steamed veg, 4c reg
9a-3 slices GF French toast, maple bacon & pork sausage, SF syrup, 4c reg
1030a-4 brownies, can Tab (!)
130p-leftover bacon/sausage mixture
245p-12.28m run/walk
during run-3T Justin's nut butter, 2s Ultima
530p-doubled fried egg & bacon sandwich on dark GF toast w/ honey mustard and veganaise, sm apple & T nut butter, 2c decaf  w/ stevia & coconut milk, supps

Literally couldn't stop myself from finishing the pan of brownies. Wish I had calculated the calories before I did so, although who knows, that might not have stopped me either. They were pretty fucking delicious.

DL pulls, pm: 4x4

Didn't weigh today, was at parents'.

Sleep: 5 hours, not well: went to bed at 130a, then woke hot/sweaty/gross a couple times, and mom's alarm woke me at 630...ugh! Couldn't fall back asleep. Took a 2-hour nap after I got back home, also not well...thanks to all that caffeine, I'm sure.

Habit: GOWAD! Easy on a long-run day.

Misc: Felt like shit for much of the day - dehydrated, headachey, gross. Even after the nap: GROSS. Bonus and/or contribution to how I felt: got a cold coming on. Did not have high expectations for the long run. Figured that alternating in the walking would get me the whole distance, but stupid knee bothered. Thankfully Heather was home and is a kind friend.

Got to talk to the hubster tonight, first time in over a week! And learned he will either be home on Thursday...or on Monday. Depends on whether they go race at another track after the current one. Vacationing with the boss sounds rough!

Keep the lesson, throw away the experience.
-Stephen Covey

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