Saturday, February 4

530a-c reg, supps
645a-almond milk latte
715a-2c tea
845a-2c tea
10a-can Diet Dr Wow (gotta love the generic pop names)
1p-handful butter toffee almonds, 2c wild berry herbal tea
330p-can diet dr wow
5p-half handful butter toffee almonds
745p-salad (plain iceberg & T French dressing), med baked potato w/ T French dressing & some carmelized onions & mushrooms, .5c green beans w/ balsamic, 9 pork ribs

Plan: fast until hungry. Didn't bring food to the tax firm, was hoping I'd make it all the way to supper. So, tasty almonds once again, and I still ate the super indulgent supper at the hubster's work xmas party. Feeling fine.

-Mixed-grip pullups, am: 4x2
-Mixed-grip pullups, pm: 4x2

Weight: 138.6 lbs, 17.0% fat - down a tiny bit. Feet slightly less fat, but barely discernible.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, slept soundly, and the light strategy worked perfectly again!

Misc: Such a beautiful morning, all the trees frosted up...sure made me wish I was going running today rather than working! Anyway, it feels good to have the return of those urges to run run run!

At the party, I had several conversations about running, and specifically Boston. Unfortunately one of those was with my ex-father-in-law; while it was a bit ego-boosting to hear his praise, I have serious dislike for him & his wife, and I simply don't want to deal with either of them in any way, shape, or form. Ever. Not even for compliments. Blech.

A much better convo: Hop's boss Bob, an old buddy to both of us, was surprisingly impressed by Boston. He's never been a runner, has no connection to the fitness "world" at all, but somehow he fully understands just how huge it is to be running Boston. He said he wants to go with, be my pit crew, etc. That was kind of cute, actually. But he had a few lines that really struck me, being a race fan (he's a driver):
I look at it as, you're in the feature. You had to work your ass off to get into it. There might be 25,000 people in your feature, but there are 100,000 that didn't get it. That's like 70 cars trying to get into a 24-car feature. But I don't have to work that hard, I just have to show up and drive. It's not really hard work. Money, that's all it takes . . .well, and some time I guess. But you had to invest a ton of time and work to get in. And it's not just any feature, it's like World of Outlaws feature.

I love Bob. I almost hugged him when he said this!

Another thing he said that made me want to hug him was that he "finally" got Hop working for him. He looked absolutely delighted when he said it! And I know Hop is loving working there. As someone who loves her job, and can hardly imagine being unhappy, much less miserable, at work, it makes me so very happy to know he finally loves his job, and that they love him.

I also wanted to kick Bob's shins half the night because he kept telling me how awesome Florida was going to be. World of Outlaws every night. An available flight ticket down (though not back). 50 pounds of pork going with them. But I can't ditch out on two jobs, the TS audit, nor spare the money due to Boston. But god damn, it sounds like a perfect vacation, and pains me to stay home. I promised I'd go with next year. I could squeeze a long weekend into tax season somehow.

Overall, it was a fun night, and I stayed up way past my bedtime: I left at 11pm. When is the last time I was still UP at 11pm, much less OUT? Crazy talk.


How can you create your own momentum?
-Stephen Covey

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