Saturday, February 25

615a-fr egg sandwich w/ honey mustard, grapefruit, c reg w/ splash almond milk & stevia, supps
8a-1.5c reg (Starbucks Via: a step up from instant, but still tastes like instant)
9a-1.5c reg (McDonald's reg: just bad coffee)
1030a-2T Sunbutter, bag snap peas, sm apple, .5oz butter toffee almonds, can diet dr wow (forgot supps)
230p-s tilapia & onions, c stir fry, sm apple, .5oz butter toffee almonds, 1.5c white chocolate tea, supps
330p-oz butter toffee almonds
615p-5oz tuna w/ T honey mustard on GF bread, salad w/ balsamic, sm apple, PB2, sl bacon, c decaf w/ caramel vanilla tea bag, supps
730p-3 mini Chick-o-Sticks (saved 'em up!)

-AFB pulls, am: 4x5
-AFB pulls, pm: 4x4
-Felt good physically, though got fatigued as the day went on. 330p snack was strictly to get more calories in my system. After taxes, was on my tush all night at home.

Weight: 138.0 lbs, 22.4% fat. Perhaps the weight is staying up because I've upped carbs quite a bit with all this fruit? Plus the extra water? Meh, either way, I'm doing what I should be doing, and that's the important thing to focus on. Yes, I really fucking hate that I was 20 lbs less than this only 14 months ago, but it is what it is. Rachel Cosgrove weighs 155...that's what I keep telling myself.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed. No alarm, woke once to Scentsy light, fell back asleep, up at 620. Most excellent!

Habit: 75% good.

Misc: Feeling better than yesterday. Still a little phlegm-y but well-rested. Still, not another 12-hour day - cut it down to "just" 10.

I took an extra half hour in the morning to listen to Leigh Peele and make some notes for Dustin, and then did another round after supper. The more I listen to her the better I feel about being able to keep my eating in line. This week I've done well at eating around maintenance and getting high quality nutritious food in to speed up cold recovery. I should be able to do this every single week!

Acne: I have a few tiny blemishes popping up. I'm suspecting that GD delicious rotisserie chicken is probably half bathed in soy...gah.

Don't believe everything you think.
Ask tough questions.
Start with yourself.

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