Saturday, February 18

8a-double fried egg sandwich on dark GF toast w/ honey mustard, 2c reg, 2T coconut milk, Sunbutter bar, supps
10a-can diet Dr Wow
11a-3.31 miles w/ Lisa
12p-can diet Dr Wow
2p-sandwich (turkey, cranberry salami, romaine, mustard, Miracle Whip), peppers & cauliflower w/ hummus, fruit (pineapple, cantaloupe, blueberries), supps
3p-1-mile hike through the woods
6p-pork chop, steak, mushrooms & onions, steamed veg w/ Merlot sauce, brownie, supps
9p-1.5 brownies
1230a-1.5 brownies

Girls' weekend = extra calories, but I did quite fine except for the motherfucking brownies that I never should've made. They were delicious and I "only" had 4...but they were about 450 calories each. HOLY SHIT.

-DL pulls, am: 5x4 - smooth and easy. Buttah. Happy-making.
-No pull-up bar at the parents' house!

Weight: 136.6, 22.4% fat

Sleep: 9 hours in bed. Got to bed late at 11, up at 6 for b/r, and then fell back asleep! Slept in until 8, which was some kind of marvelous miracle.

Habit: YES!

Misc: Girls' weekend was relaxing and wonderful and bucket-filling. Yummy easy lunch, easy stroll in the woods, grilled meaty deliciousness, fun games, Dirty Dancing, Office Space, chatting, laughing. The only thing that could've improved it was a couple of absent peeps. My friends are the sweetest, smartest, hilariousest people in the world! I feel so lucky to have them.

Body was in great shape initially (the run with Lisa felt amazeballs) but after that things went rather downhill, from a digestive point of view. Something went right through me all day long, which left me feeling pretty depleted. Not good the day before a long run. Used that to help justify some of those goddamn brownies.


Secret to being happy: keep high aspirations, moderate expectations and small needs.
-William Howard Stein

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