Saturday, February 11

530a-c reg, supps
630a-c reg w/ stevia
730a-can diet Dr Wow
9a-can diet Dr Wow
10a-1.5c reg, supps
1130a-2c herbal tea
130p-2c herbal tea
330p-3c diet A&W
545p-3c diet A&W, supps
845p-8 ribs, 2 sl GF bread, 3oz pork tenderloin, pork rinds dipped in bbq sauce, .5c grapes, few raisins & sliced almonds in splash of almond milk, 7 GF donut holes, 2 sl GF bread w/ SF jam, supps

Fast day, until supper. In theory, lunch at the tax firm should've been tortuous: Pizza Hut pizza in the next room while I'm fasting and feeling hunger pains. But surprisingly, somehow, I was fine! Had two times throughout the day where I was legitimately hungry, but here's the thing: hunger pains disappear within 20 minutes or so.

Cravings are a different story altogether. But generally if I'm fasting, I have no cravings.

Once there's food involved, cravings can take over with a vengeance, be they physical or mental. Witness my supper feast; once I started eating, I simply couldn't stop - that looks to be a full days' worth of calories all at once. Partly also the frustration of doing 13 straight hours worth of taxes. Ugh.

I nearly went straight to bed when I got home but figured I should probably eat to fuel tomorrow's run. Still can't decide which option is worse: eat a piglet, or eat nothing.

Weight: 137.4 lbs, 20.5% fat

Sleep: In bed 8 hours. Felt fairly decent. Probably an hour before I fell asleep, only woke once or twice, woke naturally at 530. Tried to keep sleeping but couldn't.

Misc: Hop left today. I told him he was going to come back to a skinnier wife. Need to follow through!

Acne: Have another small blemish; thankfully none are cysts, but I'm still unsure what's causing them. Too much diet pop?


Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.  
- Dale Carnegie

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