Monday, February 6

430a-fr egg, 2 chick saus, sl protein bread, sl GF toast, c reg, supps
6a-c reg
630a-equipment-free class (new format!) (during: BCAAs)
730a-2c reg, clementine
1115a-salad (red & yellow bell peppers, snap peas, cauliflower, celery, spinach, hb egg, balsamic), med GS apple, supps
3p-1.5oz flavored almonds, supps
745p-protein shake w/ BCAAs, supps

No noon run. Lisa had a sore hip, and so I listened to the little Dustin on my shoulder who pointed out this would be a good excuse for me to take a break, too. Bratty little fellow!

Light meals 2 & 3, no supper. The little Sabrina on my other shoulder pointed out that I could back down on afternoon/eve calories since I didn't have as much to recover from. Little Dustin probably disagreed. I don't know, I quit listening to him!

Good thing I have these great big broad shoulders, eh?

-Left knee back to hurting a bit on lunges; lower legs are quite tight & left is especially sore on outside. Foam rolled after class.
-DL pulls, am: 4x5
-DL pulls, pm: 4x4

Weight: 137.0 lbs, 23.5% fat - could be extra water, but my feet look perfectly normal. Also could be a reaction to the long run, joints could be a bit swollen.

Sleep: In bed 7 hours, but slept soundly & woke naturally, no alarm, at 430. Feeling good!

Got pretty tired about 4pm, kept yawning. As I drove home, was feeling really tired, so I took a 1-hour nap, which was lovely.

Misc: Forgot to mention a small victory from Saturday night. On the way home, I was feeling quite snacky, really wanting dessert of some kind. But it was 11pm, I'd had a ton of calories at supper, and knew I didn't need anything, it was simply a craving. I successfully resisted!

A bad habit may give you temporary pleasure. But in the end, it creates more misery than it's worth.
-Stephen Covey

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