Monday, February 20

6a-med & sm apple, Sunbutter bar, c reg w/ stevia, supps
630a-equipment-free class
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup, 2oz flavored almonds
1045a-cold drops
130p-8oz sirloin w/ Merlot sauce, sm apple
230p-med apple, hot coconut cocoa (cocoa powder, stevia, coconut milk, water), cold drops
330p-hot cocoa (w/o coconut milk), .5oz walnuts, supps
7p-ground pork w/ tomato sauce over 2 biscuits & slice dark toast, cold drops, supps

Normally I try to eat way low on Mondays. But not on sick Mondays.

-Very sore shins again. Literally hurt last night as I laid on my side. Sheesh!
-Keep forgetting to mention the back is a little bit bothersome at bedtime, has been for a good week or so. Generally just fine once I get moving and during the day; more tightness than disc pain, I would say. No real concerns, just keeping tabs.
-Left knee sore as it always is after long runs.
-Have been doing foot/ankle mobility stuff on weekdays (reminder pops up, can do them right at my desk), but forgot over the weekend.

Weight: Just plain forgot. Head cold left me pretty blanked out all morning.

Sleep: In bed 8.5 hours. Woke at 315 for b/r, took a bit to fall back asleep. Woke at about 430, fell back, alarm woke me at 450, snoozed once. Got up feeling like ass and really wanted to go back to bed. Stupid work ethic!

Habit: Was sure to hit the water today, even though all I wanted was hot cocoa!

Misc: Left work at 1030, right after a meeting finished, ran 1 errand, then home and directly to bed. Took a two hour nap, fairly solid: woke an hour in to flip over and was right back out. NICE!

Ate, booted the laptop, and played with Excel reports all afternoon. Still didn't feel awesome, full head and sore face bones all day (normal people might call this sinus pressure, I guess), but the brain functioned well enough to get a bunch of work done, at least.

And the couch sure was a good place to be with that snow blowing down. Silver lining to being sick...but it's the only damn one. I haven't had even a minor cold in ages, this pisses me right off.


Most people spend more time planning their vacations than thinking about what they want to do with their lives.
-Bob McDonald

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