Friday, February 3

5a-c reg, supps
630a-almond milk latte
730a-2c reg
915a-2c decaf
1030a-can diet Coke, supps
1245p-beef liver w/ onions & mustard, sl egg bake, oz flavored almonds, 2T Sunbutter, 2T coconut flakes
430p-bag microwave pork rinds (and they were damn good), cookie dough dip w/ slivered almonds (meh), supps
530p-2 fr eggs, 1.5 sl bacon, 3 sl GF toast, c decaf, supps

Plan: fast until I'm hungry, then eat - rather than just eating on my usual schedule. I'm feeling pretty good physically, and taking a full rest day (no pullups, even!), so without the imperative to fuel workouts, I felt like I could fast easily enough. Was genuinely hungry at lunchtime, so I ate. Easy enough! But then at home I couldn't stop eating. Again. Carbs beget carbs!!

So, sick and tired of falling into this pattern, I became Leigh Peele's bitch: I bought the Fat Loss Troubleshoot and became a member. Spent the rest of the night listening to her beautiful North Carolina drawl, taking notes, and making plans.

Weight: 139.0, 17.5% fat - up 3.4 lbs over the last 3 days, not digestion or anything, just massive water retention. What the heck?!

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, no bathroom trips, slept really well, woke without alarm.

New sleep trick! For a couple months now, I've kept the face of the alarm clocked blocked so the room is completely dark. Whenever I wake up during the night, I check the time; if it's almost time to get up, within a half hour or so, I'll just get up then, rather than fall back asleep & then have the alarm wake me & start my day cranky. But, this means I am also checking the clock at 2am or 3am, pretty much every time I wake. I was seriously debating one of those $80 light alarms, but (a) holy expensive and (b) I didn't want to wake up Hop, too.

The [free!] solution: last night I plugged a Scentsy warmer into a timer, out in the kitchen. It is set to turn on at 4am, but it's faint enough that this will not wake me up. If I wake up and it's still dark, I can just go back to sleep. But if I see that dim glow - I'm better off getting up. And it worked perfectly. I woke twice and fell right back both times, woke naturally at 5, saw the light, and got up feeling good!

Misc: Another thing I have done in order to keep my focus where it needs to be (which is Boston; not fat loss, not lifting, not what Mary's doing, not what Joy's doing, not any other goal right now) is this: I put a note on my monitor that says This hedgehog is going to BOSTON!! (Hedgehog concept explained here.)

I need to stop feeling like Boston training is preventing me from dropping fat. Poor me! I can't join the transformation challenge because I "have" to run the Boston Marathon! How fucking ridiculous is that line of thinking?! But actually, Boston training has nothing to do with lack of fat loss; I trained for the TC marathon (at which I qualified for Boston) while losing plenty of fat. (Caveat: as a beginner, it was easy to do so.) And frankly, at this point, my long run still isn't all that long; I have yet to reach half-marathon distance!

Tax season stress, and (more importantly) how I deal with it, is the true source of the fat loss issue.

Since the horrendous year-end timeframe at the beginning of January, I've been doing a lot better mentally compared to prior tax seasons, but I still have some total shit days. 99% of the time, it's directly due to sleep.

So if I focus on proper sleep and recovery, that will keep my body happy, which will keep my brain from diving, which will keep my eating in line, which will keep my brain from diving, which will help keep my running on track, which will keep my brain from diving. Everything is dependent & tightly interwoven with everything else, and the brain controls all.

This is why I turned to Leigh; I value how much psychology she puts into her explanations. She gets it. For now, I'm hoping her influence will put me on a steady track of happy, healthy maintenance and perhaps small fat loss progress, and also give me enough ammo so I'm fully loaded to unleash my own 6-week fat-loss missile after tax season. Well, no, after Boston. I'll NOT be thinking fat loss on vacation!


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