Friday, February 17

6a-fr egg sandwich on light GF toast w/ honey mustard, grapefruit, c Eggnogg'n tea w/ T coconut milk, supps
10a-.5c bbq pulled pork, c steamed veg, pork rinds, supps, 2c decaf
12p-basement barbell blast
2p-head of romaine w/ tomato dressing, paleo cookie dough, can diet dr wow, supps
6p-rotisserie chicken w/ honey mustard, 2 sm "baked" apples w/ cinnamon, c decaf w/ stevia, supps
830p-chocolate protein shake w/ cocoa powder, few drops toffee stevia, xanthum gum (SO GOOD)

Yeeeeah, I was gonna fast some today. Didn't feel up to it. Didn't need to eat an entire chicken for supper either, but whatever. Gave me a bellyache and I learned my lesson and I will NOT beat myself up for it - but I won't be doing it again.

-DL pulls, am: 5x4
-DL pulls, pm: 2 and they were really hard, upper back quite fatigued, so I shut down

Weight: 136.0, 19.0% fat

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Slept very soundly, woke a couple times but didn't get up. Woke at 5, dozed another half hour. Finally got up when I realized I wasn't going to fall back. Felt damn good!

Habit: Felt like a big ol' water balloon, but I drank my gallon!

Misc: Massive computer frustrations. Desktop died and I had to try a system restore again...didn't work. Could get in via Safe Mode, so I then spent about two hours transferring files to the laptop via my flash drive. Sucked! I don't want to go computer shopping; the very idea is exhausting. Maybe I can just stumble across another $50 laptop?

My day was very much brightened by scoring tickets to Adam Carolla in St Paul in April. On paper I really shouldn't like this guy, with his sexist & racist & libertarian rants, but I have acknowledged my 12-year-old-male sense of humor, right? I agree pretty wholeheartedly with his liberal social viewpoints (Favorite Ace line of all time: "The proper response to gays is, "'Fuck it! More pussy for me!!'") and focusing on the real problems in society. And he's about hard work, always explaining most people who appear to be lucky & "have it all" have actually worked their asses off to get where they are, and so should you. Anyone raised by my father is going to have serious worth ethic, no doubts about it.

And right now especially, I agree with Adam's viewpoint that we're turning into a country full of lazy ass wimps and that everyone acts like a fucking victim. Try preparing taxes; everyone thinks they're paying more than their fair share and that everyone else is somehow cheating the system. Anytime you hear someone ranting and raving about welfare, ask them to prove that they received no credits on their tax return. If so, THEN they can rant away. Otherwise, STFU because you're getting government assistance yourself, just in a different form!

Newsflash: anyone with kids, you're making out like a bandit. You'll be utilizing far more government services than the childless, plus you get a $1000 child tax credit per kid per year? I don't get any cat tax credit, AND I won't be using up 13 years of free school!

Anyone with a business, you could be hiding all kinds of personal shit. Hi, Mr Farmer, you REALLY need a $45,000 pickup and you ONLY use it for farming? Doesn't seem too practical with those leather seats, but what do I know?!

Anyone who's 100% honest (hi, that's me!), you're in the teeny tiny minority. I was literally told this week that I was "too honest" because I said that I report every side dollar I make. No, actually, there is no such thing as "too" honest when it comes to taxes. You either are, or you aren't. And if you aren't, you're stealing. And I will judge the fuck out of you for it. And if you are then going to be sitting in a church tsk-ing over this little atheist, you can fuck right the fuck off and take your hypocritical ass with you!

Whoa, sorry. That rant probably doesn't apply to anyone reading this post. But it's not like I can go say this to the people who need to hear it (hi, ex in-laws)!

In sum: cheating on your taxes is stealing from your neighbors. Pay your bill, and if you don't like it, just make less money. Problem solved.

There's no such thing as being a little committed.

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