Friday, February 10

645a-egg white omelet, 2 chick saus, clementine, c reg, supps
7a-2.5oz cashews
8a-2c reg
1030a-salad, clementine, supps
1p-2oz cashews, Cocoa Loco bar
5p-2 pieces summer sausage
630p-salad, 9 ribs, 2 sl GF bread (to mop up the delish sauce!), supps
7p-2s pepita clusters, 1/4c rice nog

Today I was originally planning to fast until supper, so I could feast on date-night ribs with abandon. But given yet another poor night's sleep, which means poor recovery, I made the decision to eat fairly normally all day, with the biggest boost at breakfast. And it definitely made a difference both physically and mentally.

Weight: 135.6 lbs, 18.9% fat - steady as she goes!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed: went to bed at 930, did NOT set an alarm, simply wanted to get enough sleep. But I woke at about 215, wide-awake monkey mind, thinking about everything from my class to my taxes to where my husband was - apparently he had just gone to the b/r which must've woken me. With that damn monkey mind, I was probably awake for a full half hour. Ugh. Woke a couple more times, until I woke naturally at 6 and got up, feeling dehydrated and worn out. Hence the bigger breakfast.

Misc: In a recently-heard Leigh Peele audio, she talked about knowing what you want to look like, and went into a high-level explanation of the training/nutrition differences it takes to achieve various appearances. She used these two women as examples:


You know who this is.

You SHOULD know who this is:
Krista Scott-Dixon

One appearance takes pure low-level cardio (all-day shopping!) combined with undereating. In fact, Leigh's comment was that her diet is most likely a balanced mix of cocaine and Red Bull.

The other appearance requires heavy lifting & excellent nutrition, and a consistent dedication to both.

I'm sure you know which one I'd rather look like. Yes, once upon a time I thought Paris Hilton was hot. Now, I feel like I could snap her in half, and I much prefer this feeling!!

Anyway, back to my point: I don't really give a shit what people want to look like. Attractiveness is entirely subjective. Some prefer softness, some prefer hard muscle lines, it's an opinion, both are fully valid. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Instead, my thoughts take me along to these questions: which person is healthier? Which person feels better on a daily basis? Which person's physical capabilities would you like to have? Which person is going to live a longer, better-quality life?

Because that's the diet & training you should emulate.

Not because you want to look like Krista, but because you want to FEEL like Krista.

And the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get there.


The only trouble is that the process to get there while feeling good is generally long and slow. If you want the faster fat-loss process, you might have to spend a chunk of time feeling crappy, tired, and weaker than Paris. (Though if you're a noob, you might just feel awesome all the way through and make tremendous gains fairly easily. That was me in 2010.)

My current working process is different than what it was back then, and it's going to be different than yours which is different from hers which is different from his - there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I seem to be settling into this weekly cycle:
-I spend Monday in a pretty deep deficit, eat a bit more on Tuesday, a bit more on Wednesday, and gradually feel worse as the days go on and I'm not fully recovering from my workouts.
-I shift to eating at maintenance Thursday-Saturday, so that I return to feeling good by the time of my long run on Sunday.
-Most times my deficit is attained via fasting, rather than simply low-calorie meals.

Mentally I am doing pretty well this way, but I'm understanding all of this is a "working for now" plan. The wheels could fall off at any time, and then I'll have to modify.

The point is: you have to do what works for you. Track your food, your workouts, your sleep, your life stress, how you feel, and you'll see patterns develop. Then use that knowledge to develop strategies that will get you to your goal. If what you're doing is working, keep doing it! If it's not, try something new.

Just. Keep. Trying.

Keep your goal in front of you, keep moving forward, and you will get there.


Every thought we have leads to a choice.  
Every word we speak supports our choices we make.
Every action we take is a choice today, which has implications on our tomorrow, next week, and next year.
Nothing is impossible tomorrow when we take the time to choose, today.
Today, choose to be courageous, rather than fearful.
No matter what you face, choose clarity over confusion.
Remember to choose discipline over habit.
When things are at their worse and when you are at your lowest, choose love over hate or anger.
Choices cause a mighty vibration which in effect brings back to us more of what we give out.
-Iyanla Vanzant

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