Wednesday, January 25

445a-2 fr eggs, 4 chick saus, c reg, supps
6a-almond milk latte
630a-equipment mania class
730a-2c senna tea, can Zevia
8a-2c reg
10a-salad w/ hb egg, 2c decaf, supps
12p-c reg, salad w/ Italian dressing, c cooked baby carrots (LAPW meeting)*
2p-2T Sunbutter, 2c decaf tea**
430p-2T Sunbutter, 2T coconut flakes, supps
530p-yoga class
7p-pork tenderloin, c cabbage w/ mustard, Dreamiscle protein shake, supps

*today's was a sadface menu, as I had to bypass: dinner rolls, wild rice, chicken cordon bleu, and as always, 4 kinds of dessert
**senna tea kicked in and again made me feel awful

-WG strict-DL pulls: 4x3
-Sore hams!

Weight: 138.2 lbs, 19.9% body fat - digestion had again shut down.

Clearly I should not have eaten last night's jerky with wheat & soy both. I'm getting more and more sensitive to this junk since I've completely removed it. Probably a sign that keeping it out is the right choice for more than just acne, but sheesh, when I can't even have this little bit that's in jerky, I can obviously never expect to have a slice of REAL BREAD again. Sadness.

Luckily, I've learned that senna tea is some powerful stuff. Plus I bought the chocolate-flavored version, which is actually quite tasty. However, it is perhaps a bit more powerful than necessary. If you try it, drink half a cup and toss the rest...better to underdo it a bit, trust me on this one.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, slept soundly - woke a few times but did not get up. Nice!!

Misc: LAPW meeting trumped my noon run. Bummer, as I am actually wanting to run! On the other hand, while at the meeting I talked to several people about training for Boston, and that made me super-duper-extra motivated to run. A very nice turnaround.

Long run thoughts: perhaps I'll make Friday a medium run and Sunday a long run. For example, this Friday I could do 6-8, take my full rest day on Saturday, and then aim for 12-14 on Sunday. Losing a lifting session, sad though it may be, is a worthwhile trade-off for a confidence-building long run. But if the Friday run is enough to feel "long" and 12-14 sounds intimidating, then I could call it good and love up my squat rack.

Also, I won a door-prize drawing at the LAPW meeting: one-hour interior design consultation with Glenda. So not something I would use. Like, ever. I am perfectly content with our mix of college- & bachelor-chic. However, I immediately thought: this is something my mother would L.O.V.E. Hoping Glenda will be good with that option!


To be good is not enough when you dream of being great.

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