Wednesday, January 11

430a-2 fr eggs, 4 chick saus, c reg, supps
530a-almond milk latte (c reg, 4oz almond milk, cinnamon extract, SF caramel syrup)
(630a taught class)
8a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-chicken breast, c roasted eggplant, 2c decaf w/ Equal, supps
11a-2c decaf
1140a-3T Sunbutter, mini-bottle diet Coke
(noon 3.02-mile run)
3p-salad, 3.25oz jerky, 1.5T Sunbutter, 2c herbal tea, supps
(530p yoga)
7p-omelet, 4 chick saus, 3oz roast beef, c decaf, supps, greens shake

Testing nut butter + caffeine as pre-run fuel; bit of calorie overkill for a short run like this, but needed to see how it sits in the stomach. (It's also a pretty convenient excuse to eat it straight from the jar.) Felt great! I have single-serving packets of Sunbutter coming from Amazon, so (a) I don't have a jar to resist diving into and (b) I can test literally on the run as a fuel source.

Weight: 136.2 lbs, 19.6% body fat - still an upset digestive system, but I've added some supplements to target it and get things normalized. I hope. Feeling fairly awful.

WG DL pulls, am: 4, 3, 3
WG DL pulls, pm: 3, 3

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed. NOT ENOUGH. I freaking went to bed at 845, planning on a full, solid 8 hours...but was wide awake at 4. It's nice to just wake up without an alarm and feel good, but I really don't need to be up at 4am!

Misc: I'm still doing the cold shower blast. It's getting a little easier each time! My 10 breaths are a bit slower, and I'd say it's helping me adapt to the sudden shift to actual winter weather.

Chatted w/ Joy, who is still battling some back pain. Had my minor meet anxiety (what if I'm the very first lifter?) put into place by her more major fear (what if I can't even lift?) and thus got over myself, did what I could to help her. Sometimes one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is to try to make someone else feel better. Cheesy but true.

Work: I left at 410pm. Ho. Lee. Shit. And I had nothing to do until yoga at 530, so I sat down in the rec room and read a book. Fucking bliss. My proper tax season schedule can now start, and as an extra bonus I'm working from home this Friday for just a half day. My spark has returned, the sky is not falling after all, life is no longer horrible, and I should soon return to loving my job.

I even took the initiative to tell the director yesterday that she really needs to get treats in for the team. I'm not the only one working my ass off in January; it may "be the nature of the job," but that doesn't really make it any easier on either the team member or their family. I've already brought in treats twice this month, but I'm not a lead, I'm not on the Fun Squad (they plan our team outings, celebrations, etc), & I don't get reimbursed. But when I see how hard everyone works, and I know firsthand what the extra stress and/or hours can do, I can't help making some small effort to lighten the load. And I can't understand why I'm the only one feeling this way. It's not that difficult to show appreciation.


Quote of the day:

Pretend you're five years old again, and make a little hill in an ant's path. The ant will walk up and over the top without braking. It will go into a hole, over a log, through grass. It if can't go through, it will go around.
An ant will never turn around and walk the other way, no matter what obstacles are in its path. Try applying that kind of tenacity to your life. Of course, you'll want to use your brain, too.
But in the determination department, be an ant.
Refuse to be stopped.
Keep going, and learn as you go.
People who patiently persist finally see their dreams come true. 
- from The Portable 7 Habits: Choice - Choosing the Proactive Life You Want to Live

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