Transition, Reflection, etc

Things that sucked in 2011:
  • My perfectionist tendencies kicked my ass early in the year. I was 
    • working 60+ hour weeks
    • stressing about doing two jobs during Lisa P's FMLA (which wasn't until July, but I decided to freak out early)
    • trying to solve my esteem-crushing cystic acne
    • trying to restrict calories
    • and battling a weird foot pain that prevented properly training for the Fargo marathon (for which I'd set an ambitious time goal of 3:30).
  • I DNF'd at Fargo.
  • I discovered that I can't eat dairy,  grains, or legumes, and struggled a long time with the "unfairness" of it.
  • I worked two jobs for 10 weeks Aug-Oct (the aforementioned FMLA), logging 50+ hour weeks, for no extra pay (being salaried = not all it's cracked up to be), and every stressful second of it sucked and spilled over into my personal life - and affected damn near everything.
  • My attempts at training for the August Eisenbahn marathon went terribly weekend after weekend (see above bullet point), until I just plain gave up and logged a DNS.
  • I pissed off my back in late August and took about 6 long frustrating weeks to rehab it back to normal.
  • My running buddy Lisa T adopted a baby (yay for her!) and was out on FMLA Sep-Oct, which affected my weekday running, as I rarely felt the desire to go. (I didn't even realize this until she returned and I found myself wanting to run a whole lot more.)
  • I was hurt & disappointed by two old friends who act as if finding two hours to hang out once a month isn't worth the effort.
  • I gained 10 lbs over the year and developed a bit of an eating disorder, with restriction & binge issues.

Things that rocked in 2011:
  • I became friends with Joy due to conversations that began as a direct result of my tax season meltdown/crash/depression. And frankly, I don't know what I did without her before.
  • I learned to admit "weakness" and ask my people for help during that time: Dustin, Heather, Amy, Terri, Lisa T, and Joy - all proved to be wonderful, amazing, beloved friends.
  • I was the female 10k winner at Awake the Grapes.
  • I completed 10 straight nonstop year after doing the first pull-up of my entire life.
  • I ran my first tough trail race (25k) without issues.
  • I discovered the Whole9 folks and Paleo-based eating and solved my acne & digestive problems.
  • I started teaching a group fitness class at TS, and have a consistent base of attendees that seem to love it.
  • I was accepted into the 2012 Boston Marathon.
  • I ran a ton of miles with a bunch of fantabulous people at NSS's Train & Stay weekend, one of the best vacations I've ever had.
  • The very next weekend, I ran a 50k with zero pain, zero problems, loved it - and can't wait to do another.
  • I stopped obsessing over my belly fat every time I saw it.
  • I was the female 5k winner at the Turkey Day 5k...on my birthday!
  • I signed up for a powerlifting competition, added a training session with Joy on weekends, and have logged lifting PR after PR - and, I suspect, may have started a whole new addiction.
  • I've gotten much better with my tendency toward perfectionist/"black & white" thinking as far as my self-imposed standards, though I still have a long road ahead.
  • I bought a squat rack.
  • I enrolled with my god-daughter Emma into a kids' activity group at work, and have spent more hours with her in the last year than probably her whole life. And it's been so much fun!
  • I logged 10 years spent with Hop...not every day has been perfect, but I believe they were as close as they could get.

2012 is gonna be stellar:
  • Fitness:
    • I'm planning a couple very key races (like Boston) and many more fun runs (like Ragnar) and making my tip-top priority for the year a simple one: enjoy running and remain injury-free.
    • I have several major lifting goals, like 25 pull-ups by 12/31/12, deadlifting 200% BW, and doing a muscle-up. 
    • I'm doing my first powerlifting competition!
  • Nutrition:
    • I will not attempt to diet during tax Boston Training Season. Perhaps after that, body comp can become a focus again, but in the meantime: performance is more important. 
    • I'm no longer going to track calories in Sparkpeople. After more than 4 years of tracking every single calorie every single god damn day, I am done. I will still be logging my food, so I can keep general tabs on how I'm doing, but no more tallying.
    • I will learn to fuel my body properly every day. 
    • I will conquer my binge-eating urges.
  • Life:
    • I'm structuring my tax season schedule to keep me from imploding (I hope) by utilizing PTO at TS and keeping total work hours down to a "mere" 52/week.
    • Did I mention I'm going to Boston in April? I'm also taking my parents & husband with me for a well-deserved weeklong vacation.
    • I'll put more focus on saving money (for big things, like a house in the country or an annual vacation) by avoiding frivolous spending.
    • My husband is getting into this "lifting thing."
    • In an effort to combat my tendency for hermitism, I've made a list of people I want to make standing monthly "dates" with.
    • I've realized that I have more enthusiasm than energy, and I can't do everything every time or be everything to everybody. And I've decided that's okay, because I'm still a wonderful woman.

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