Thursday, January 5

6a-French toast (2 eggs, 3 sl GF bread, cinnamon, stevia, flavor drops), 3oz chicken, c reg, supps
615a-c reg
7a-c reg
945a-can Zevia
1030a-bacon-wrapped tenderloin, c kombucha squash, supps
(personal training with a bonus 3.79-mile utility run)
130p-med banana, s egg protein, s PB2, s stevia
330p-3.25oz teriyaki jerky, can diet cherry Coke
430p-2c decaf peach tea
7p-2c decaf peach tea, oz almonds, 2T Sunbutter, 2T coconut flakes (all mixed together...NOM)
830p-supps, greens supp "ice cream"

Weight: 133.0 lbs, 22.0% body fat

And just for fun, I also weighed in after breakfast: up 1.4 lbs. Go look at what I ate for breakfast: not that much. Realize just how much the scale swings due to food and fluids and don't let it freak you out! (This reminder is for me just as much as anyone else.)

Wide-grip deadleg pullups, pm: 5

Felt kind of snacky after breakfast so I had an extra cup of pumpkin spice coffee, which feels like quite a treat, and it satisfied that craving well enough! Work got super late, so I bypassed my plan and ate supper. The plan is based on working until 8pm at the tax firm (where I sit) and not TS (where I stand). And while I could have skipped it & pushed the body somewhat, as I wasn't hungry, my priority is Boston training...10 miles on Friday will be my first double-digit run since the 50k, so Thursday has to support that.

Sleep: In bed 9 hours. Solid other than up at 2 for b/r, awake at 4, 5, woke by alarm. Stupid hands kept falling asleep - I blame my giant muscular shoulders. Initially I felt tired due to the alarm waking me, but I was good to go once I got moving & making that 1.4-lb breakfast.

Fluids: At work, I required myself to down a full quart of water between all other fluids (coffee, Zevia, tea). Too many other fluids have been filling up my day, so I'm putting a little focus on plain ol' H20. Translated to 240 oz!!

Work: Geared up for one long motherfuckin' day. 715am to 715pm, though with a two hour lunch...but those two hours were pure workout. Good for the brain, but the body was hit hard.

I also did the 10-fast-breaths cold-shower blast, this time on my back. Just as COLD and once again I laughed as I shut it off. A strange reaction, but I'm laughing at myself, I guess? Hard to explain. Try it yourself and find out!


Here's something related to Paleo eating: everyone loves a flowchart, right? This one cracks me up, but is also helpful!

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