Thursday, January 26

5a-2 fr eggs, 4 chick saus, c acorn squash, c reg, supps
615a-c reg
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
845a-can Zevia
10a-chicken leg & thigh w/ roasted veg & peach brandy glaze, supps
12p-personal training
2p-salad w/ hb egg, PB2 on toast, yacon syrup on toast, supps
3p-bottle diet A&W (nommy chemical-laden indulgence)
4p-few pistachios, few butter toffee almonds, 3.25oz jerky (no wheat or soy!)
5p-.5oz butter toffee almonds (damn good/addicting, though almost too sweet), 2c decaf tea
6p-2c decaf tea
830p-Dreamsicle protein shake, mini-Larabar, supps

-Upper back, hams are sore. Right bicep rather sore a couple hours post-session, skipped eve pulls.
-I realized tonight that my left knee no longer gives a little spark of pain when I stand up with that leg only...I don't know when it stopped, but it's been a chronic thing for ages. Cool beans!

Weight: 136.6 lbs, 22.1% body fat - forgot to weigh in until after breakfast, so weight is back to normal with all systems working appropriately. Feeling like a brand new body (and brain).

Sleep: In bed 7.5 hours, slept well, woke a few times but didn't need to get up, and woke at 430 without alarm. Excellent.

Misc: Friday night is AYCE ribs at the Osakis VFW. Hop will be working on the racecar (2.5 weeks to FL!) and I was debating calling up the parents to beg for a date. BUT THEN: Heather said she'd come. Joy said she'd come with her kids. Amy might even come. YAY! A spontaneous social outing with my TS chicas, and on Sunday I have a social outing with my Sauk girls. Kick ass.

All the side-job babbling & debating has paid off! It's not a real huge time commitment, but I will have to figure out when I can fit it into my schedule. It'll be fun stuff, and I am excited to make it work out, but the key will be to find a time slot that makes it something to look forward to doing, rather than something that just feels like too

Part of the reason it's going to be doable: I am going to stand as firmly as possible on working 40 hours at TS. I've been keeping track for a while, and I typically average 44 hours a week. Why? WHY?! I feel pretty sure I could streamline some more things (and most importantly stop some of my usual procrastinating) and get my ass out of there in 40 hours without leaving shoddy work in my wake. It's possible, and damnit, I'm going to do it.

Tonight I discovered, from a tax firm coworker, a list of bestselling free Kindle ebooks on Amazon that is updated hourly. I did not know all these freebie existed! Subjects already nabbed: Paleo recipes, leadership, fiction. And I don't even have a Kindle, I downloaded the free computer app. Hooray for free stuff!

Keep a journal of your hopes, dreams, goals, and accomplishments. If your life is worth living, it's worth writing down.
-Stephen Covey

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