Thursday, January 19

615a-2 fr eggs, 2 chick saus, 2 sl bacon, c reg, supps
730a-c reg
815a-Americano w/ SF syrup
1015a-4oz pork tenderloin, 1.5c cabbage w/ honey mustard, 2T Sunbutter, 2T coconut flakes, can Diet Coke, supps
12p-personal training
145p-salad w/ hb egg, 6oz chicken breast, 2T mustard, c decaf, supps
345p-.5oz mixed nuts, 2c tea
6p-2T Sunbutter, 3oz teriyaki jerky, 2c tea
830p-supps, reds supp shake

-WG DL pulls, pm: 5x3
-Arms, abs, hams sore. Right foot a tiny bit sore.

Weight: 135.8 lbs 20.4% body fat (forgot to weigh until after breakfast)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed. Solid sleep until 330a, then wide fucking awake for at least an hour (very nearly got up), then dozed off/on until alarm at 6a. Felt fine, but this threw a wrench into my fast-for-supper plan. Fasting adds more stress...poor sleep meant body was low on recovery after my 3-a-day...need to be able to run 14 miles tomorrow...ARGH. Finally reminded myself: my #1 priority is Boston training, not fat loss. Ate protein & fat to keep food quantity low but satiety high.

Stupid? Smart? What the fuck do I know? Making decisions based on all these variables is a tad overwhelming lately. I've gotten SO PARANOID about avoiding crashing that I wonder if I'm skittering too far in the opposite direction.

I want to be one of those elite athletes who are told exactly what to do and when. Even better, just hand me my meal, smack me on the ass, and send me on to my next workout. Lucky bastards.

Misc: Leisurely pre-work time on computer despite late start. Knew it was likely to be a little sucky at TS, followed by taxes, so I was sure to allow myself that happy-brain state to start the day. TS was indeed sucky, almost had to return post-Dustin and skip the tax firm, but got approval to finish the project on Friday morning. Yeah!

An acquaintance is looking for someone to do I get in on this? I have often thought I should be doing bookkeeping for small businesses...for people like my dad, who could be working on a car while paying me to update his Quickbooks, and come out way ahead, considering how much faster I'd be! I have had this idea for a long while, a "some day" goal, but I hesitate because: do I really have the time? Or, more accurately, do I have the desire to make the time? It's a tough question any time of year, but especially so during this Boston/tax season. I've done this for a few people, and I enjoyed it, but during tax season when they were neediest, I wanted to smack myself for it. (Side note to Dustin, in case you read this far: that does not apply to guys are far from needy, in fact you are endlessly patient with me. Muchas gracias.)

The future is the time when you'll wish you'd done what you aren't doing now.
-Stephen Covey

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