Sunday, January 22

715a-2 fr eggs, 4 chick saus, c acorn squash, c reg, supps
1045-failed-form waffle (Sunbutter, banana, egg - works as a pancake though), 2 chick saus, Larabar, c decaf, supps
1130a-1/4c buckwheat groats w/ cinnamon, maple extract (test, think it would work as a texture sub for oats)
12p-easy/lightweight powerlifting session
230p-8oz bag sugar snap peas, oz cashews, 2oz brain food, c peppermint tea, supps
5p-2oz brain food, liver & onions, Larabar
630p-slice egg bake, peppermint tea protein shake, supps

-WG pullups (not DL), am: 6x3
-WG pullups (not DL), pm: 5x2

Weight: 136.4 lbs, 19.3% body fat

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed and did NOT wake up at 3! I woke at 5, fell back until 7. Blissful.

Misc: Morning on computer, paying bills, figuring out how to spend less. On feet couple hours, chores & food-making. Loaded up on carbs in morning, but ultimately I just plain didn't feel like running. Icy roads, snow, wind, not physically awesome thus no confidence long would go well - and without that mental oomph, I knew it was pointless to attempt. I did feel like I could lift and enjoy it, so I hit the basement instead. 'Twas a good choice. Still, brain was dumpy, snacky all damn day led to overeating while I was making weekday food, and I felt truly awful in the eve.

Weekend food prep:
-breakfast chicken sausage
-slow cooker beef roast w/ dandelion greens, Swiss chard, summer squash
-bay scallops
-liver & onions
-egg bake


Before we can care for others, we must learn to love the self. Without self-acceptance, we're like empty vessels always seeking to be filled from another's cup. Even when we do good, there will be a hidden agenda based more on getting than on giving - "see how good I am, think well of me, love me please." Yet no approval seems quite enough to fill the cup. It's always leaking from a hole in the center. Healthy self-regard plugs that hole and fills us from within. 
-Drew Leder

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