Sunday, January 15

545a-2 fr eggs, 2 sl bacon, 2 chick saus, Sunbutter bar, c reg, supps
7a-2T Sunbutter, almond milk latte
(745a 7.22-mile run)
830a, during run-half of energy bar experiment (T coconut oil, T honey, T slivered honey-roasted almonds, T raisins, T pepitas, t cinnamon)
930a-rest of energy bar
10a-c reg, honey mustard cashew chicken breast
(1130a 2-hour nap)
2p-honey mustard cashew chicken breast, 2c roasted vegetables, pork tenderloin, supps, some chicken bone gnawing
630p-c asparagus, 2 small honey mustard cashew chicken breasts, supps
7p-peppermint reds supp shake

Anyone who pays attention to their cravings will notice that carbs beget carbs. As in, when you eat carbs, you crave even more carbs. When I got home from my run, I wanted MORE SWEETS. Instead, I ate a chicken breast, hoping a solid dose of protein would stop the cravings. It worked! Another option would've been hitting the hay, but I was too keyed up to nap right away.

Weight: 137.0 lbs, 21.6% body fat - well, this is because I ate a massive supper, not true weight gain going on. Still, a surprisingly high number. Given how little my overall size has changed (same jeans still fit, etc) I'm really curious to see how my weight shakes out after what I presume will be an extended deload.

WG DL pulls, am: 4, 3 (felt weird shifting in left shoulder, stopped)

Sleep: 7 hours in bed. Up at 3a (when Hop came home from Sidewalks, grrr) for b/r but otherwise slept pretty solidly. Still, not enough hours to properly recover from the meet and fuel a long run.

Meet: Had another thought to share. As I lifted, I pretty much tuned out everyone - total focus on what I was doing only, deep inside my own head except for Steve's commands. I didn't even register Dustin being mere inches behind me. But in my final deadlift, I remember hearing the crowd start cheering me on, because I was so sloooow (I pretty much always am on deadlifts) and I thought to myself, "Chill the fuck out, people. I got this!" As soon as I picked it up, I had absolute confidence I'd pull it. THAT was a fantastic note to end my first meet!

Goals: I just took a look at my 2012 plans, and my goal for the powerlifting meet was "have fun." CHECK DONE!

The next major goal is the Boston Marathon on 4/16 (I even put a neat countdown widget [91 days!] over there somewhere ---->) so my focus becomes logging easy miles, especially the long runs, and not letting work stress affect any of it. I sacrificed far too many of last year's miles to work, and I refuse to do it again.

Before Boston, I have a hope of running the Get Lucky half-marathon on 3/17, with another "have fun" goal - also a likely PR since I've only done one half, back in May 2010. We'll see where things take me; if my body is doing well and it doesn't add mental stress, it's a date!

And, naturally, I will keep on lifting, but I don't yet know what changes the chief has planned while running becomes the priority for the next three months.

Misc: A thought on priorities: I pulled a Quicken report (trying to understand where the hell we spend all of our money) that compares 2011 to 2009-2011 averages. Dig this: the increased annual expense for fitness ($2k: Dustin, race costs, running gear, squat rack) almost exactly cancels out the decreased expenses for clothing ($1k) & entertainment ($1k: bars & restaurants). That is a worthwhile trade-off! Another big increase was groceries; but as the smart people say, "Pay the grocer now, or the doctor later." Happy to discover our money isn't going to stupid stuff, but it's definitely going out faster than is sustainable. Side benefit of tax season: too busy to spend foolishly.

I fell off the cold-shower blast last week. Resumed it with a calf & shin blast, trying to knock those whining bitches back into line.

Weekend food prep:
-Salads - maybe a half hour to chop up the vegetables (romaine, bell peppers, celery, jicama, cauliflower) & divide out into 4 containers w/ an HB egg, ready to grab & go.
-Slow cooker meal: entire frozen chicken, 4 packs of frozen vegetables (dandelion greens, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower), spices - 5 minutes to cut open bags & put in slow cooker, cooked overnight on Saturday, 5 minutes to divide out into 6 meals, again ready to grab & go. Seriously couldn't get any easier!


Quote of the day:

What's the worst that could happen if you faced your fear?

Well, the best thing that could happen is that you could conquer your fear. You could accomplish what you thought you couldn't accomplish. You could become wildly happy and successful.

And you could like it.

Imagine how good you would feel to be free of burden. To feel strong and capable.

Now, is your answer to the first question going to keep you from all that?

-Stephen Covey

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