Saturday, January 28

530a-c reg, supps
7a-almond milk latte
730a-c reg w/ flavor drops
11a-1.5c raspberry herbal tea
12p-2c raspberry herbal tea
3p-oz butter toffee almonds, 2c raspberry herbal tea
630p-2oz cashews
715p-oz mixed nuts, GF spaghetti w/ country style sausage, 2 sl GF bread, pint Arctic Zero, supps

Fasting. First time I felt hungry was 930am; lasted until 10 or so, then back to feeling nothing. At 3p, I was hungry, chilled, tired and snacky - couldn't resist those fucking almonds. And then I was hungry all over again at 430p. GAH. This time I didn't eat, wasn't so snacky-feeling, though I was feeling tired. Followed the plan to eat whatever I wanted for supper - far too many nuts, but I was feeling content & satisfied.

-Right bicep now just tight; right hand is sore. All else is feeling good.
-WG DL pulls, AM: 4 (forgot until just before I left, bicep not more painful doing them)
-WG DL pulls, PM: 3 (just forgot again)

Weight: 137.4 lbs, 20.7% body fat - up 2.2 lbs from yesterday...I think we can safely blame that on 3 plates of ribs!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed. Hop came home at 230a, and I was wide awake (hot, sweaty, gross - typical with a giant supper), hit bathroom. Took a while to fall back. Had set alarm for 5, should've just left it off because that made me a bit cranky. Dozed a bit and then got up, feeling decent.

Misc: Started listening to Born to Run last night, and even though I've read it twice, it's addicting all over again! At tax firm, sat at desk all day, no standing. Hoping that contributes to another solid run on Sunday.

Amusing text exchange w/ Hop this morning:
Me: What's on grocery list on fridge? Eggs, GF bread, can't remember what else...
Hop: Bacon.
Me: Thanks.
Hop: How could you forget your favorite food?
Me: I know, I know! Must be overworked and need a vacation.
Hop: Or some bacon.


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