Saturday, January 21

615a-c reg, supps
7a-almond milk latte
915a-2c reg
1030a-2c pumpkin spice tea, supps
2p-3oz jerky, oz cashews, 2c tea, supps
530p-oz smoked almonds
7p-pizza (GF crust, turkey pepperoni, daiya "cheese," green olives, tomato sauce), pint Arctic Zero, supps
8p-Met Effect hot cocoa, Sunbutter bar

Planned a fast-until-supper day. John Romaniello recently wrote about various fasting protocols, and said he regularly does his version (called Feast/Fast) as an all-day fast after an all-out cheat day. This is sort of what I'm doing here, combined with Eat-Stop-Eat's 24-hour fast. So: a giant Friday night meal, then fasting until supper Saturday.

At least, that was the theory. I ended up standing all day at the tax firm, so I ate a meal early, at 2. (And discovered my jerky has WHEAT. Gah.)

Is fasting a stupid thing to do the day before a long run? It's not calorie restriction, because I had a full rack of ribs Friday night - nearly a full day of calories right there. Is it stressful on the body to fast, as Whole9 says? Or good for the body, as the entire IF crowd says? Fuck if I know. But it fits my life. A super indulgent splurge meal, followed by fasting, is better on my brain than no splurge meal - and it's even better than a splurge followed by a return to normal eating, because I'm a freak like that. The question that really matters, though, is whether it's better on my body.

-Upper body still very sore, no am or pm pulls. Calves & Achilles pretty tight.

Weight: 135.6 lbs, 22.7% body fat - yesterday a 2lb drop, today a 2lb increase. Meh.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed. Still woke at 315am, this time hot/sweaty/gross. I would blame that on the massive supper. Curious, though, why it's always 3-330am. Maybe has to do with cats moving at that time?

Misc: Taxurday. Used stand-up desk all day. Found myself leaning forward a lot more than at TS, could feel it in my lower back that I wasn't paying attention/correcting well enough, but it was muscular, not disc issue. Also, Jesus Aitch Christ: I worked 730am-615pm, no breaks except when I popped into other offices for questions & immediately sat! Maybe an hour of that was on my ass. Felt it in my knees & feet & brain, and crashed pretty hard on the couch at home. We watched The Incredible Hulk and part of Jackass 3.5. (Yeah, I have many of the same tastes as a 15-year boy. What of it?)

Also, popped in to see my mom after work. She was staying overnight at a retreat house with 5 other women (one of whom was my 2nd grade teacher, another of whom was my Sunday school teacher! Ah, small towns.), where they spend their weekend crafting: quilting, purse-making, embroidering, etc. I walked out with three main thoughts: (1) it's pretty damn uplifting to be introduced as, "This is my beautiful daughter" and be prompted to share tomorrow's run plan and last Saturday's meet results; (2) those women were busting out the wine and planning to go out for drinks later on, living more largely than me, the one who's 20-30 years younger; and (3) what the hell will me and my friends be doing at a retreat getaway when we're that age? I sure as fuck don't expect to be running a sewing machine! Maybe our retreats will be up in the hills and we'll be hiking and exploring and having log-throwing contests.

Acne: Weekend breakouts are disappearing, but new ones arrived yesterday. Now that I see my jerky has wheat, perhaps Thursday night's jerky was the cause? If so, holy SHIT I've gotten sensitive to it!


The most important words we'll ever utter are those words we say to ourselves, about ourselves, when we're by ourselves.
-Al Walker

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