Monday, January 30

5a-c reg, supps
6a-c reg
630a-BCAAs, no-equipment class
730a-.75s BCAAs, 2c reg
930a-2c decaf w/ flavor drops
1030a-can Zevia, supps
12p-3.45m run (some walking, for Lisa) (in Vibrams!)
130p-4oz flavored almonds, s pepita cluster, 2T Sunbutter
6p-sl egg bake, s bay scallops, dreamsicle protein shake, supps

Half-fasting. Usually not tough to do on Mondays. Going to do some experimenting with fasting, skipping meals here and there on my "calorie-burning days," when performance is not too important. See if that will give me some fat loss without affecting Boston training.

I was quite snacky post-run, and intended to stretch it out longer, make it to 3, but couldn't. Oh well, it was all fat & protein, and calories were plenty wild for "one meal" but not for the day, so it works for me! Rest of the afternoon I hammered water and at supper I went pure protein.

-Left knee pain is back, wtf! My guess is inflammation due to running. Otherwise all feels pretty good. Lateral right knee did NOT hurt on noon run.
-WG DL pulls, am: 5x3
-WG DL pulls, pm: 4x2

Weight: 136.4, 22.1% fat - approaching normal. Saw some new definition in my lower arms this morning. Perhaps not new, but new to me! Very motivating.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, woke once or twice, didn't need to get up. Did need alarm, yuck.

I got extremely tired at 730p (maybe due to two workouts and low calories?) so I jumped in the shower and was in bed by 830. Yes, I live like a rockstar.

Misc: Born to Run tidbit/perspective - Dustin & I finished the 50k (31 miles, in perfect cool temps) in 7 hours, 5 minutes. Anne Trason's first 50-mile trail race, in 108F (!!!) took her 7 hours, 9 minutes. Holy shit! This is the course profile:

I repeat: HOLY SHIT!


The best exercise to get rid of belly fat is called "Put The Fork Down and Walk Away". The movement is performed by stopping your food intake after a certain point, putting your fork down, and walking away from the kitchen. It's a pretty tough exercise that takes some practice to get right, but after a little time and determination you get the hang of it.

-Christine Beauchamp

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