Monday, January 16

445a-2 fr eggs, 3 sl bacon, c reg, supps
6a-c reg
630a-taught class
730a-2c reg
10a-chicken wing & half breast, veggies, supps
1130a-2T Sunbutter, 2T coconut flakes (sat well for run)
12p-3.13m run
2p-salad, hb egg, 2c decaf tea, supps
6p-3.5oz tilapia w/ .25c onions, 3oz roast beef, cup steamed cabbage w/ T honey mustard, supps, greens supp ice cream

-WG DL pulls, am: 4x4
-WG DL pulls, pm, hook grip!: 3x3
-Fat feet in afternoon, no visible tendons. 3 days away from standing apparently makes me weak all over again?

Weight: 135.4, 24.3% body fat - starting to drop. Just remembered something that Ashley mentioned at the meet Saturday: heavy lifting = increased bone density. I like the idea that's where some of my extra weight is coming from, rather than me being delusional in thinking it's not fat...

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed. Not a good way to start the week. Felt well rested, but definitely need to get in 8 tonight. Was fine all day until heading home at 5 - was suddenly dog tired. Did my must-do chore, made pot o' cabbage, and that was it. Good & lazy!

Meet: Will I ever stop babbling about it? Updated the numbers in my powerlifting file (what, doesn't everyone have one of these?) and below are my week 2 max weights compared to meet day in week 10 (week 1 was technique/reps/not heavy) :
  • Deadlift went from 155 to 225, +70 lbs
  • Back squat went from 105 to 155, +50 lbs
  • Bench press went from 85 to 110, +25 lbs
  • Total went from 345 to 490, +145 lbs!

And, ├╝ber-cool: my Power Buddy is my Power Twin. Joy had the same total weight of 490!!

Misc: Bit of an acne reaction going on. Hop said the perfectly golden non-greasy hash browns on Saturday were probably made that way using butter. Stupid sneaky dairy!

Totally random: I had a swoosh from my hat imprinted on my forehead for several hours after today's run. You owe me money, Nike!

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