Tuesday, January 3

6a-2 fr eggs, 3 chick saus, 2 sl GF bread, c reg, supplements
7a-c reg, 2oz almond milk
730a-c reg, c decaf
10a-bacon-wrapped tenderloin, half sweet potato, med apple, 2c tea, supps
(personal training)
115p-my version of a PB&J (T Sunbutter, T apple butter, 2 sl GF bread), s egg protein
3p-5oz tuna, 2T mustard, s sesame crackers, can diet coke
345p-2c decaf tea, supps
7p-supplement "ice cream"

Weight: 134.2 lbs, 22.5% fat

Skipped supper as planned, no problems. Exactly on plan for a lifting day. Gold star!

I wanted to eat at home but wasn’t actually hungry and I wasn’t super snacky, just kind of in “Well, maybe I could eat that” mindset. But I stuck to my plan! Fighting w/ computer kept me away from the food.

Did my final weigh-in on TS scale, another “good fucking riddance!” - I even flipped it off. :) Final tally for 2011: up 12.8 lbs, 5.9% body fat, 10lbs fat mass, 2.8 lbs lean mass. Obviously the overall total is concrete, but I find the fat/lean split a little implausible. Yes, I'm up in fat, but 10 lbs? I don't think it's that much. Here's the note I wrote myself in the file that shows it, should I go back and look at it:
Future Sabrina:
GET THE FUCK OVER IT. So you put on weight. You also did a whole lot of super awesome shit. Go re-read this post and then GET THE FUCK OVER YOUR WEIGHT GAIN.
Love, Sabrina 1/3/12
Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Up at 1 for b/r. Woke naturally 545, felt pretty well rested. Weird dreams again, cop cars & my cat Oscar, a block from my dad’s shop. I’ll take this as a sign that I’m getting my deep sleep, I guess?

Work: Had a bit of a frustrating morning, still fighting computer issues at home, then also couldn’t log in at work! And by 805am, I was already hating year-end, as I got a pile of work that I had forgotten about - and it took me all morning. Bleah. Punishment for bad attitude: went to NSS in shorts. Wasn’t that bad, either! Afternoon went better, and I left at 6, earlier than expected. Nice!

Also, per the e-book The Flinch I blasted myself with cold water right at the end of my shower. Took 10 (fast) breaths, thoughts of “This won’t kill me, it'll make me stronger!” thoughts, and when I turned it off, I literally laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of being “scared” of cold water. Bonus: when I got out, the bathroom sure seemed warmer than normal!


Newbies: this is where I detail the food I eat (or don't).*

Here is a bunch of FAQs on why I eat what I eat.

Here is how you can do it too: an intense, 30-day jump-start plan. Take advantage of your "new year, new you" January mindset and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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So far it has mostly served as a bit of an online journal, but I'm going to attempt to make this blog more relevant to others who aren't interested in every single facet of my life. (No promises, though.)

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But I'm worth it!

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