Friday, January 6

530a-6 pumpkin pancakes w/ SF syrup, 2 slices bacon, c reg, supps
615a-c reg
745a-Americano w/ SF syrup
945a-3oz chicken, c honey mustard cabbage, .5oz almonds, T Sunbutter, can Zevia, supps
1p-2c Eggnogg'n tea, 2T Sunbutter
(10-mile run w/ Katherine)
430p-3oz chicken, c honey mustard cabbage, 3.25oz jerky, supps, can diet Coke
8p-salad, hb egg, supps, reds supp "ice cream"

Weight: 132.6 lbs, 17.6% fat <-whoa to that fat %. Usually that's a result of water retention, but my overall weight isn't up so I'm not sure what that's about. It would be nice to drop 6lbs of fat in one day, but I'm pretty sure that would require chopping off a limb...not quite worth the price!

Wide-grip deadleg pullups, am: 6-5-4-3
NG pullups, post run: 8, 2
Wide-grip deadleg pullups, pm: skipped, upper back feeling sore

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, thanks to the late night at work yesterday. Up at 11 for b/r (damn all that water!) and woke naturally at 5am (alarm was set for 545) - I felt good & rested so I got up. This is the best way to start the day! Alarms suck.

Work: Another long day. Nature of the job. 645am-715pm. Made better (mentally) by the break to run, but the body says otherwise. Couch was lovely, and I popped frozen slippers on my feet to make them a bit happier.

This time, with the cold shower, I "flinched" and blasted my feet only. But they needed it!

Quote of the day: We each get just one body. What will you do with yours?

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