November 30

430a-2 fr eggs, 2s chick saus, 2c reg, Met, fish oil, multi, ACL, CLA, calcium
545a-2c green tea
745a-2c decaf
830a-Americano w/ SF syrup
10a-chicken breast w/ onions, sm apple, 2c decaf herbal tea, fish oil, multi, ACL, CLA, calcium
3p-rice cake, T Sunbutter
420p-6oz fish, sm apple, fish oil, multi, ACL, CLA, calcium
7p-2c romaine, T balsamic, turkey patty, c potatoes, Met, greens, guar gum, yeast, fish oil, multi, ACL, CLA, calcium, Carnosine
9p-NC, 5HTP

Totals: 1989 cal, 75g fat (26 sat), 138g carbs (28 fiber), 185g protein

Yesterday I felt like I was physically falling apart. Lateral knee pain on my run, sore lower back, fatigued upper back, tight hams - and two straight days of only 6.5 hours in bed. My mental state was OKAY, but I was definitely lacking in my usual energy. So rather than skip meal #4 as planned, I ate a well-rounded whole-food meal. This means adjusting the plan to a little less indulging over the weekend, absolutely no big deal.

Huge improvements should take place today -
  • Physical:
    • Last night I was in bed a whopping (necessary) (much-needed) 8.75 hours.
    • My digestive system has recovered from the trail mix bar I ate on Tuesday, which contained oats, which I should never eat. Idiot.
    • Training w/ Dustin today, which always leaves me feeling fantastic.
    • High calorie day will take place as planned.
  • Mental:
    • Last night at yoga Sarah Roers joined our Ragnar Relay team.
    • This morning I had an email telling me Dustin & Mike are on our Ragnar team. That leaves just one female opening to fill. 
    • Even better, the 11 that we have are guaranteed to make it super fun!
    • Today is my 10-year dating anniversary with the man I love. Ribs for supper, at home, where there is no ingredient anxiety or looking pretty required!
Habit: seriously, this tea thing is so simple. Just have it everywhere, and it is an easy choice to make! Helps that winter is starting and hot tea just sounds like a fantastic option at pretty much any hour. Hell, I think it might even be time to tackle a new habit. Will have to debate on what that might be...

Acne testing: last night I had two pieces of gum. Gulp.

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