December 9

5a-c reg
6a-c reg
7a-2c decaf, stevia, flavor drops, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
830a-2c decaf, stevia
930a-can diet cherry Coke
1030a-2c eggnogg’n tea, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
12p-2c ginger peach tea
2p-2c ginger peach tea w/ bag o’ herbs
230p-2c decaf tea, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
5p-2c cooked broccoli, salad w/ balsamic, 3c spaghetti squash w/ .25c sauce, choco crepes w/ SF syrup, turkey sausage, NC, 2c decaf, Met, reds, yeast, stevia, guar gum, multi, fish oil, CLA, ALC, Carnosine
9p-raw veg & hummus, pint Arctic Zero, 2 turkey patties

Totals: 1728 cal, 39g fat (12 sat), 201g carbs (60 fiber), 145g protein

Fast day that turned into a supper-only day. Unfortunately, once I ate, binge-like cravings kicked in. I ate a ton of vegetables & protein, knowing if I went for carbs it would turn into a full-on binge.


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