December 3

6a-3oz egg white, turkey dog, 3T fresh, 2c reg, stevia, Met, fsh oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium
7a-6oz chicken, 2T bbq sauce
10a-2T PB2, T cocoa powder, .25c SF pudding powder, .5oz raisins, t cinnamon, .125c GF graham crumbs, 10 GF cinnamon crackers, oz brown sugar jerky, fish oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium
2p-2.1oz jerky
4p-stevia, green tea/lemonade drink
430p-Met, greens, yeast, 4s SF pudding mix
7p-baked chicken leg, 3c spaghetti squash, .5c sauce, pint Arctic Zero, .5oz walnuts, t cinnamon, NC, fish oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium, Carnosine

Totals: 2086 cal, 54g fat (14 sat), 224g carbs (44 fiber), 143g protein

Stayed on the low end of my usual high range, with most calories in the morning to fuel a solid, fun lifting session. And I felt great all day, not at all deprived!

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