December 2

5a-2c reg, stevia, Met, fish oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium
7a-2c green tea, stevia
8a-2c decaf
10a-2c decaf peach tea, krill oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium
115p-2c decaf w/ stevia
2p-krill oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium
6p-Met, greens, yeast, guar gum, fish oil, multi, ALC, CLA, calcium, NC
7p-chicken leg & thigh w/ bbq sauce, romaine, carrots, celery, egg white crepes w/ SF syrup, 2c decaf, stevia

Totals: 630 cal, 20g fat (8 sat), 51g carbs (20 fiber), 50g protein

I ended the fast early & ate supper, as my upper right back got crazy tight as I drove home, a weird about-to-cramp feeling. Since I have a sweet heavy lifting session planned today, I gave my body what seemed like the best chance to get over it: heat pack, stretching, no pullups, and loaded up on protein & veggies. It seemed to work, as it feels MUCH better this morning. Yay!

Acne: still no reaction to the gum...huh.

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