December 12

5a-c reg, Met, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC, Tyrosine
6a-c reg, BCAAs
8a-2c decaf, BCAAs
10a-2c tea, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
1p-can diet cherry Coke, BCAAs
230p-2c reg
4p-fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
6p-fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC, Carnosine, Met, greens, yeast, guar gum

Totals: 327 cal, 10g fat (4 sat), 33g carbs (14 fiber), 12g protein

On this fast day, I taught my 630am strength class AND I ran at noon despite knees feeling a bit fat...and I felt great! I was SO FUCKING COLD though.

At home, my brain was in a perfect spot. I realized that I actually could have eaten supper since I was coming in 100 calories under my goal for average calories, meaning I could've eaten up to 700 calories for supper and still hit the goal. But amazingly, I rationalized that I truly felt fine without it, so why bother? Isn’t that a far cry from the weekend mentality!

I also I had a fair determination to stay fasted since I’d already calculated the weekly averages and didn’t want to have to re-do them! Sometimes laziness is motivating!

Week's tally:
- Averages: 1639 cal, 55g fat (14s at) 30%, 173 carbs (38 fiber) 42%, 103g protein 25%
- Up .28%, 5 cal avg, 32 total, from last week
- Burned 2772, up 228 from last week

Weight results:
- Down .2 lbs
- Down 1.2 lbs body fat (1%)
- Up 1 lb lean mass (.8 of it as water)

Because my brain is in such a good place today, I am able to focus on & believe the nice big body fat loss and ignore the tiny overall loss!

Acne: tiny wh on upper lip, but since it's nowhere near a cyst, I'm not sure it's even worth noting. I've had 3 cans of diet cherry Coke over the past 5 days, so perhaps that's the cause. At any rate, though, I don't intend to start a daily pop habit, and I feel confident that having one can every once in a great while won't make things go nuts. Good to know, but again: that doesn't mean it's going to become part of my regular diet. While it may not be the pure poison that some folks preach, I know this much: there is nothing in there that's good for me. But sometimes the brain beats you down and a diet cherry Coke is going to make you happy. And if skipping the pop means you go off and eat an entire bag of potato chips, well, perhaps the pop is the lesser of two evils.

And no, I will not say something like "Everything in moderation" to justify the occasional indulgence - that is a bullshit statement. Go try that with arsenic!

Habit: tea is now a given. I've got stashes like mad both at home and at my desk, and now I can't even walk past the tea display in motherfucking Target without stopping to peruse. So, time to flesh out the new one.

I've always got a running to-do list at work, with deadlines noted, but once close is complete and those deadlines are "way out" - I lose motivation and focus and basically develop Homer Simpson's attention span. (Oooh, a blue car!)

So, the new habit is going to be: first thing in the morning I designate my "MUST DO TODAY" items and get them done, no excuses. And absolutely no screwing around online or personal emails or any of that until these things are complete!

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