December 11

730a-2 fr eggs, turkey saus, 2 sl GF bread, 2c reg, supps
10a-oz chicken, 2 GF ciabatta rolls w/ balsamic
12p-2 waffles & SF syrup, 2c decaf, supps
230p-c tea
6p-salad (peppers, baby carrots, celery, spinach, cabbage), balsamic, hb egg, supp ice cream, supps
7p-Arctic Zero, 2oz apple chips
9p-few baby potatoes, 1/3c onions, bedtime supps

Totals: 2317 cal, 52g fat (14 sat), 354g carbs (49 fiber), 99g protein

I ate a nice large breakfast & lunch, intending to do just three meals rather than four. But they ended up a little too large, and I forgot about the ciabatta rolls when I planned waffles for lunch, and I was feeling extra snacky at supper, so then I made the decision to fast on Monday - which gave me leeway to allow a little more snacking as I packed up leftovers.

Holy carbs! Damn those wonderful ciabatta rolls (all gone now) and GF waffle mix (also all gone now) and homemade apple chips (not gone, and I plan to make more...gulp)!

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