Recipe: Supplement "Ice Cream"

Every night I have a mix of supplements that is comprised of:
-1.5t Metamucil
-T greens or reds (I alternate days)
-1.5t brewer's yeast
-s stevia on greens days

Last night I added ice & guar gum & basically made it into ice cream!

-My greens & reds are homemade mixes from dried fruits/veg that I bought off a while back, but you can buy these powders pretty much anywhere.
-If you don't want/care for greens & reds, this should totally work for protein powder as well.

So here's how I did it:

I put my usual powders into the Magic Bullet plus a generous pinch of guar gum (I saw xanthum recommended [on Emily Zaler's site] but I had guar gum [I have no idea why, it was unopened!] which worked just fine). I then added an entire tray's worth of ice cubes (um, about 3-4 cubes too many, so maybe leave a free inch or so at the top). Then I added about 2 oz water, and my Bullet was struggling to chew up the ice cubes (probably didn't help that it was CHOCK FULL), so I added about 2 more oz & tried again. It was working but still wasn't getting the ice at the top chewed up, so I left it on the counter to melt a bit while I ate my supper. Probably 10 minutes or so. Then when I blended again, all the ice got pulverized.

Thick enough to eat with a spoon! The texture was creamy like soft-serve cream, except with some ice crystals. I could overlook that little flaw in order to replace something liquid & unsatisfying with something that felt like an actual indulgent snack.

You know me and my recipes. They aren't remotely perfected, aren't even written like recipes, are always works in progress - but the important thing is, they are healthy & taste good. My goal is simply that you use this info to design your own experiments. Have fun and report back on any successes!

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