October 31

445a-fr egg, chick saus, c reg, Met, multi, fish oil
6a-c reg, stevia
730a-1.5c decaf
10a-1.5oz jerky
1p-salad (cabbage, peppers, rainbow salad, carrots, 2oz chicken, balsamic)
2p-fish oil, multi
3p-med apple, 12 almonds
4p-12 almonds
6p-celery & balsamic
630p-¼ chicken, rice, fish oil, multi, Met, greens, yeast, banana ice cream w/ CPB2, decaf chai tea
9p-NC, 5HTP, Tyrosine, 4 FiberSmart

Totals: 1556 cal, 51g fat (12 sat), 167g carbs (33 fiber), 113g protein

Week's averages:
-1878 cal, 74g fat (16 sat) 36%, 191g carbs (26 fiber) 41%, 111g protein 24%
-Up 3%,59 cal avg, 416 total, from last week
-Burned 3009, up 268 from last week

Weight: down .8 lbs...keep on plugging away.

In re-listening to the Leigh Peele podcasts, I picked up two new points:
-Hydration/electrolyte imbalances can be a big physical binge trigger. I knew this, yet I didn’t drink any water Saturday afternoon, not a drop. Strategy: tally cups of water all weekend on the board on the fridge.
-Having an “all or nothing” mindset is no good. I knew this too, but, hello, this is still exactly how I think. So part of my new plan is that I don’t “make up for” the prior day, whether it was over or under – I worry about today. I either sacrifice & eat the bare minimum I need to feel okay, or I act like an athlete and eat to properly fuel the workouts that matter (training sessions & long runs).

Habit: doing awesome. My belly bloated up yesterday since I resumed eating, and it got huge after supper. (I actually felt pretty gross, too many carbs at once.) Yet I did not hate on it, I just quit looking at it!

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