November 7

5a-Met, fish oil, multi, c reg
6a-c reg, stevia, BCAAs
730a(PWO)-BCAAs, 2c decaf
830a-2c decaf, flavor drops
1030a-2c decaf
130p(PWO)-BCAAs, multi, fish oil, 2c decaf
630p-2c herbal tea
730p-Met, greens, yeast, fish oil, multi
830p-NC, 5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 223 cal, 6g fat (0 sat), 28g carbs (10 fiber), 13g protein

Fast day, and easily so. I even did two workouts (taught my class & subbed for Heather) and still wasn't dying. BCAAs were an experiment, couldn't really tell if they made a difference, would have to compare to a similar day without them! Either way, I pretty much felt like Wonder Woman.

Definitely noted that I was quite tired by about 7pm, as my brother & cousin popped over to see if we wanted to go to Sidewalks, but being unable to drink anything besides decaf or water, and freezing, and tired, and basically no fun, I declined. I even went to bed at 845pm! Some of this can be attributed to the time change, of course, but fasting + 2 workouts surely impacted it.

From about two weeks ago, I am down 2 lbs according to my home scale. More importantly, I am seeing definition return to my upper abs & my thighs, which is hugely motivating! Progress feeds progress. I hope I'm on an upward spiral!

Acne: I tested wheat this weekend, and still no reaction. You know what I'm now suspecting? Gum. Fucking GUM! Who knows, maybe even dairy is okay after all, because despite my obsessive level of food tracking, I've never in my life worried about gum intake. Ever. As to whether I chewed a lot last year when the acne went horrible, I'm not certain, but probably. It's a good go-to to keep from eating. I definitely cut it out during the Whole30, and tried to stay off it most of the time since then. But I've always had some in my drawer at work and so it's quite possible that it caused every single reaction. Who knows? What I do know is that in the last couple weeks that I HAVE been tracking it, cysts have soon followed. I can't decide whether being able to eat dairy is good or bad, needing willpower to avoid ice cream, but I can tell you this: I'll be testing it soon. My birthday is just 2 hardcore-dieting weeks away, and I think some pumpkin pie is in order!

Habit: wonderful. I am wearing my snug blue size 2 dress, and while I still zero in on the belly with every view of my side reflection, I don't hate it! It looks good today. And I basically don't look down at my belly ever, or if I do, I immediately correct to proper posture and smile as it disappears. No hateful dark alleys. Such a tiny thing, so little effort, but such a huge payoff. I think I owe Steve Reishus a gift.

And finally, I made a decision about the powerlifting meet. Thanks to wise words shared by my amazing friend Joy* and Dustin, I'm in. I'm going to leap outside my box and act like the badass I wanna be. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Select knowledge-bombs from them:

Joy: I will tell you that for me, showing up that day (with my husband supporting me) and giving it a try was a HUGE self-esteem builder, even though I failed at the 100 bench attempt the victory of trying was sweeter than the victory of a successful press ever would have been.

Super impactful quote that she shared: Try and fail, but don't fail to try. -Stephen Kaggwa


Dustin:  Go into it for the experience, to enjoy it with people who have similar interests as yourself. People who think it is fun to get together on Saturday and lift weights or run ALL DAY! [< possibly my favorite line, recognizing that I do not consider such folks to be unusual!] And hopefully at the end of the day you have improved on your lifts, or at least learned a little more about yourself and your training.

Super impactful quote that he shared: Don't let the fear of failure prevent you from taking the first step.


So, you know what?

Fuck fear.

Let's do this.

Upcoming goals list: Turkey Trot 5k on my birthday (11/24, gifts may be mailed to PO Box 307, West Union, MN 56389!), Snowflake Shuffle 5k on 12/10 (tentatively), NSS powerlifting meet on 1/14.

I think Wonder Woman would approve.


* Just last night I was listening to a podcast that focuses on the mental aspects of dieting down, training for your dream body, etc. On this episode they talked about support you receive or don't receive when you make these efforts. They said you will be surprised (& disappointed) at the people who do not support you when you fully expected them to, whether this is because of jealousy or their lowered self-esteem or diverging lifestyles. But more importantly, you will be even more surprised (& delighted) at the people who end up supporting you that you would never have imagined would help you in your journey.

Like Joy.

I would say that a year ago we had barely said more than "hi" to each other, despite being coworkers for 5 years. But now she is one of my top go-to people when it comes to wellness. I talk to her about recipes, workouts, nutrition, everything. She's also my SpartaBuddy, but more appropriately, my Super SpartaBuddy! Thanks, woman!

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