November 6

5a-fr egg, 2oz chicken, 2 sl toast, 2c reg, fish oil, multi, Met
9a-chicken spaetzle soup, honeycrisp, c decaf
11a(PWO)-.5oz kettle corn
1130a-can Zevia
1p-2oz pistachios, salad, 2c decaf
4p-honeycrisp, sl egg bake, 1.5c decaf, stevia
5p-roasted cauliflower
630p-chicken spaetzle soup, pb cookie
730p-egg white & stevia waffle (form fail), SF syrup, Met, reds, yeast, multi, fish oil, NC, 4 FiberSmart
9p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 1856 cal, 66g fat (7 sat), 211g carbs (40 fiber), 114g protein

During my afternoon food-making, I could not stop eating. Felt like binge mode, but I was halfway in control: I chose healthy options, and then I forced a 1-hour wait before eating anything else. That seemed to work, although I did jump online to calculate exactly how many calories I could eat UP TO in order to still come in at my goal (thanks to a Monday fast); while there's nothing wrong with that, earlier in the week I was in a mode of how LITTLE I could get by with eating, to hit my goal as fast as possible. Can’t blame this on hydration or low sleep either. Possibly too many intense workouts?

I used a free pass to visit the YMCA in the morning to play with barbells on a weekend and it was so totally freaking awesome. Heather & I were basically the only ones using the weights, everyone else was on the machines, a whole row of little bouncing hamsters on the ellipticals. This might just become a Sunday habit until tax season (when it'll conflict with my long runs) or until I run out of free passes.

Egg bake recipe note: you can make it in a pan, too! I first sauteed turnips & rutabagas & onions, then dumped in a carton of egg whites. Extra points for bacon-grease flavoring and cutting it into pizza-like triangles!

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