November 5

6a-¾ choco-waffle, SF syrup, 2 eggs, chick saus, sl toast, 2c reg
8a-2c decaf, Larabar
1130a(PWO)-chicken spaetzle soup, mini Larabar, 2c decaf
330p-3oz jerky, 20oz Sobe Lifewater
4p-.5oz pistachios, honeycrisp
6p-3oz roast beef, few SP slices, roasted cauliflower, 20oz Sobe Lifewater
7p-Arctic Zero
8p-3.2oz jerky, 2.2oz chicken, mulit, fish oil, Met, greens, yeast
9p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 2572 cal, 74g fat (13 sat), 269g carbs (37 fiber), 220g protein

Ate a giant breakfast, mindlessly - I did a long run, but didn't need to have that much extra! And the 8pm snacking was just a touch shy of binge mode, really, but I was aware enough to focus on protein. Not sure what was going on there, as I thought I was plenty rested & hydrated.

Habit: had a big victory while shopping! Some of the clothes I tried on looked hideous, highlighting my belly to the point where previously I would’ve been very sad, frustrated, & down on myself - but this time I blamed the clothes! As you many well know, that's a mental shift that is very difficult to achieve when you dislike your body. But when you like your body enough to know that it can look good in the right clothes, you realize that it's the piece of clothing making it look bad, not the body itself. Perspective!

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