November 4

6a-egg bake, 4.2oz ribs, T mojo sauce, c reg, Met, fish oil, multi
8a-decaf Americano w/ SF syrup
10a-egg bake, t mustard, 2c decaf
1230p-salad, chicken, krill oil, multi, 12 almonds
245p-egg bake w/ mustard
430p-1.5oz jerky
7p-chicken skin, Met, reds, yeast, fish oil, multi
8p-chicken spaetzle soup, Arctic Zero, 5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 2039 cal, 98g fat (12 sat), 117g carbs (31 fiber), 172g protein

Went over planned intake. Long day at work, tested wheat with the soup, and ate up a bit to fuel a long Saturday morning run. Mostly I didn't realize that chicken skin would log so many calories! I ate the skin of an entire rotisserie chicken, which I was using for the soup. Totally worth it, though. That shit is the bomb.

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