November 3

530a-fr egg, chick saus, sl toast, honeycrisp, c reg, Met, fish oil, multi
730a-2c decaf
830a-2c decaf, flavor drops
915a-apple, 2T Sunbutter
1030a-rice cake, T Sunbutter
1p(PWO)-5oz tuna, sesame rice crackers, 2T mustard, krill oil, multi
4p-1.5oz jerky
6p-salad, egg bake, 2c decaf, Met, .75s greens, yeast, fish oil, multi
8p-turkey pepperoni omelet
930p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 1938 cal, 77g fat (17 sat), 165g carbs (33 fiber), 144g protein

The goal was 1800 calories, but in keeping with my new plan, I added an apple to breakfast due to poor sleep; had the quantity, but not the quality. Then mid-morning, I was feeling very low-energy, and rather than suffer through it, I decided to fuel myself so I'd walk into my training session feeling as good as possible. And then my session felt GD awesome!

At home in the eve, I was feeling snacky and considered the tiny bag of kettle corn, but wanted no more carbs for my eve. So instead, I indulged w/ a somewhat-pizza-flavored omelet & TV. This was actually 3x the calories than the kettle corn, but also sounded better, more filling, thus more able to satisfy the craving. So while I went over on calories for the day, it is easily justified due to being under the prior days, and more importantly: I felt in control, reacting to phsyical need, not mental issues, and none of the snacking was mindless. 

Habit: really impessive. I was at Target last night & tried on a dress that ended up very Kelly-Bundy-esque, and while it 100% highlighted my belly, I actually looked at it and thought, "Hey, that really isn't all that bad." If it hadn't been so short, I probably would've bought it! That's amazing progress.

Also, a related note: I tried on skinny jeans that were all just way too small to start with (Juniors sizing does not equal Misses/Women's, oops!) but even so I'm pretty sure that my big ol' legs will never fit into a skinny jean. Maybe (god I hate this word) jeggings, but that's about it. And while I'm still hoping to find a decent jean to tuck into my sweet new boots, I'm only sad for fashion reasons; I was not upset about my legs. I've worked hard for these muscles, and I'll be god damned if I will begrudge them their size. Strong Is the New Skinny, bitches!

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